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This account is a virtual actor used to represent the server itself and not any individual user. It is used for federation purposes and should not be blocked unless you want to block the whole instance, in which case you should use a domain block.

What Is DistroToot?

DistroToot is a Mastodon instance created by Derek Taylor, creator of the DistroTube channel on YouTube and LBRY. Some of the topics that many of our users care about include free software, open source, Linux, BSD, programming, technology, digital rights, Internet security and privacy. But discussions are not limited to these topics. DistroToot is a place for open and honest discourse, as long as it is respectful. Some topics (such as politics) almost always devolve into arguments and drama. Read the rules below for a list of topics that are not allowed.

Code of Conduct

Let's be honest. The whole concept of having formal codes of conduct is completely unnecessary. People inherently know how to treat each other. Everyone knows when they are being respectful towards someone else, and everyone knows when they are being a complete jackass. But in case you need it in writing--DON'T BE A JACKASS!

The Rules

  • No advertising or excessive promotion.
  • No pornography or sexually explicit content.
  • No sexual depictions of children.
  • No gore or graphic violence.
  • No racism, sexism, or discrimination based on gender, sexual minority, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, etc.
  • No stalking or harassment. If someone asks you to stop interacting with them--STOP!
  • No unwelcome sexual attention.
  • No unsolicited advice to strangers.
  • No posting (or threatening to post) other people's personally identifying information ("doxing").
  • No scraping content from web interface or API.
  • No Holocaust denialism, no Nazi symbolism, no promotion of National Socialism.
  • No Soviet-era denialism such as denying the Ukrainian Holocaust, and no promotion of Socialism or Communism.
  • No promotion of Anarchism or Anti-Capitalism.
  • No promotion of conspiracy theories. This is NOT a place where you can make any absurd assumption regardless of how irrational that assumption.
  • No other obviously illegal or unethical conduct.
  • No advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.


Political posts are best avoided but if you must post something political, it should not be done in an effort to disrespect those that have opposing views. After all, this isn't Twitter. Also, political content should be considered as NSFW and should be put behind a CW (Content Warning). The CW should be labelled as "politics".

Posts about free software and open source software often have a political element to them. You do not have to mark such posts with a CW, although you should use your best judgment.

Content Warning Posts

Even if posting behind a CW (Content Warning), you are still to abide by all rules as outlined on this page. A CW is not a way to circumvent the rules for behavior.

Unavailable content

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users' interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
alive.bar Nazism, unmoderated.
banana.dog Racism and homomisia allowed.
baraag.net Virtual child pornography.
bitcoinhackers.org Political alt-right content. Would rather this not be in our Federated Timeline.
gameliberty.club Nazism, racism, pornography.
iddqd.social Transmisia, racism, antisemitism, conspiracy theories.
kinkyelephant.com Fetish, erotic, adult content.
kiwifarms.cc Content that breaks our CoC (racism, misogyny, etc.).
mstdn.foxfam.club Many bot postings, massive amounts of spam.
mstdn.jp Inappropriate content.
nazi.social Racism and antisemitism.
neckbeard.xyz Fascism, antisemitism.
pawoo.net Inappropriate content.
paypig.org Racism, homophobia, antisemitism, unmoderated.
pieville.net Content that breaks our CoC (racism, misogyny, etc.).
poa.st Racism and antisemitism.
rayn.bo Alt right, conspiracies, promotion of violence, transmisia.
shitposter.club Content that violates our rules.
sinblr.com Adult-oriented, pornography, NSFW.
solagg.com Appears to be a bot network.
switter.at Adult escorts and sex workers.
wxw.moe Sexually explicit content.