Posting this from FreeBSD 13 RC5. Got ATI working - had to read some documentation for that one (conflict between console and both ATI drivers right now). This is just a "test" install but, so far - so good.

This is like a car-crash, I just can't stop watching it. AC/DC's original singer BEFORE AC/DC.

SIDENOTE - want to try gemini (with either Amfora, AV-98, or Bombadillo)? Just "ssh"

Retro-Vintage r/unixporn r/unixart like image.

Dated 2015-03-07

No Xorg / No Wayland!

Just the Linux terminal! (1) (2)

Parabola (Arch based "free" distro)
ncmpcpp with visualization
glances is the monitor in lower left

(1) "Just the Linux terminal" includes: the linux terminal; fbterm; fbv; tmux; and gpm (you could click on the different tmux 'windows' to switch to them)

(2) it's the Linux-Libre kernel and not "Linux"

If r/unixporn had a "Vintage" section, this would be one of my earliest entries. Dated 2003-03-06 I'm not sure if this is RedHat or Mandrake.


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