@Sleepbag org-roam is so much better than vimwiki still in basically every aspect (oh, I failed myself to force into (doom) emacs )

@Sleepbag well, being a nerdy beardy technofreak does not automatically make you use non-normie software. It is Linux, you use what you want.

@retroedgetech I am missing this generation of macs. Had one from 2011, probably the best laptop I ever owned. It has drived me through the last years at uni and a good half of grad school, ran Debian for the "last" year of its live. Still working tho.

@TooTankhaMooN I don't know, but barnase for sure is taken. However, I recall DIABLO proteins.

@10leej well, this is a full soy boy beginner's pack, but it works surprisingly well! I will give DnD a good try upcoming months.

@TooTankhaMooN I also prefer light styles on basically every device and OS in use.

@VikingKong @TooTankhaMooN well, I finished school in 2008 and world war 2 history classes were never about lone wolf contribution of USSR. Tho, it was never stressed enough what has been happening 1939-1941 either, true. But of course I am with you here, the state goes crazy with its past.

@syscrash I have 30, and only if being caught for crossing street in a wrong place and being delivered to a police station to get fine qualifies for arest.

@VikingKong @TooTankhaMooN @macxcool indeed. I still think that AZ jab is my best chance to finally speak descent Svenska.

@rootbsd every month I am very happy with the paycheck, but then I pay all the bills and my happiness is vanished. I am thinking about a mortgage lately, but not sure if it will solve this dilemma!

@dammn I have s20fe, which was a substitute for s7. Why fe? Because it is plastic - I find it absolutely bizare to have a shiny piece of glass (or even metal) for something meant to be dropped and abused regalrly, and I do not use cases. Descent device.

@swathe so indeed, it is not about proofs, rather "I don't want a jab" with rqtional arguments. Which is fine of course. Considering the duration of post-market monitoring, study of long-term adverse effects will long outlive the current pandemic.

@swathe just out of curiosity, what will be a proof of its safety?

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