Man, I find it very hard to have a rational discussion with people about COVID. Not because I'm irrational, but because people become almost hysterical at times at my "paranoia".

I don't want the vaccine because I'm not convinced of its safety. I believe many government bodies have taken advantage of the pandemic to increase their powers and reach.

I don't even entertain theories like it was deliberately created to achieve great control over citizens.

People are fucking annoying lol


@swathe just out of curiosity, what will be a proof of its safety?

@vladimir That's actually something that I've been wrestling with, what proof will be enough proof?

I am in no immediate danger of contracting Covid and it's unlikely to happen. With that and mind I have time to wait for an increased time period for the side effects to be measured and monitored. Reliable reporting of these figures is probably the biggest hurdle.

@swathe so indeed, it is not about proofs, rather "I don't want a jab" with rqtional arguments. Which is fine of course. Considering the duration of post-market monitoring, study of long-term adverse effects will long outlive the current pandemic.

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