@10leej well, this is a full soy boy beginner's pack, but it works surprisingly well! I will give DnD a good try upcoming months.

After 7 years of using \LaTeX, it takes painfully forever to draft few simple equations with MS Word. And it supposes to recognise LaTeX syntax now (does it really?..)

I was up to my knees with the new job and move to Stockholm, thus did not follow the recent shitstorms. Jesus, people in tech community are as crazy as in mainstream media.

So I got Dell 7210 at work, which is basically a tablet with a keyboard plus Windows 10 on board... and the touchscreen fits! I have been swearing for the first week, and then noticed how I am inclined to touch the screen of my x260 at home. I am not that skeptical towards touchscreens anymore.

I have started working in an enviroment where there are no academic subscriptions, and most certainly no SciHub or anything that could be even remotely associated with unclear access to papers (very big no no). I should say that my opinion about open access is changing very fast.

And I am using Claws Mail. As for work-related tasks, despite relying on MS Outlook for calendaring/booking etc, I found that running browser only works best even on my Windows laptop.

Finally, I went to the sea! (Not the sea I thought of, but I did not go to Portugal this year)

Unpopular opinion: GNOME 40 looks decent and feels good. Yes, it is full of whistles.

Because the weather is good, for the second week already. Sun, snow, clear sky.

Every single one posts their setup, me too. Since I anyway will spend next 5 h in a train. There is no screenfetch on this x260 :3

Всем привет! Я в Мастодоне и это мое6 первое сообщение!


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