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"Rent a web server and spin up my own instance of Mastodon, just for fun, I'm not sure anybody would use it other than me" - DistroTube, August 2018. Who would have thought we'd be here 2 and a half years later?

Me on Windows: okay let's go to workspace 2 and do something
*Super + 2*
Oh wait oh no oh fuck...
*File Manager opens*

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it looks like normal proprietary TOS, but specifying you are not allowed to even reverse engineer the software tilts me.
Also I can bet you can replicate a lot of the client's functionality through open source mods, but don't take my word for granted on this

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I see lot of friends that play Minecraft use a custom client called Lunar Client.
Hearing about something like this I'd think it would be open source since it's a third party client to a game and you're also supposed to put your credentials in it.
But it's not, it looks horrible.
From its ToS:

it's still showcased on the official Xmonad website

Show thread simply one of my favourite videos on youtube
just becuase of its genuine old-school GNU/Linux showcase vibe

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knowing how to linux(/unix) comes in handy at times like this

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(for recalibrating the values for the battery)

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You changed the battery in your android and now the OS shuts down because it thinks bat is 0% while the new battery still would hold up?
No problem, boot into TWRP, open the terminal, run 8 `dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null &`, open top(1) and watch the cpu consume battery until the phone shuts down.

the visual editor that has its roots into the less visual but standard editor ed(1)
the visual standard editor

not sure at all if I'll want to move on and hack more on (neo)vim or get started with emacs
considering i'll want something close to an ide environment

An update to my little story/rant about my phone
Found an online store in my country that sells the appropiate battery for a good price so i got one, couldn't wait for one from china to come :cirno_shrug:
This one looks closer to an original than the last replacement I got.

I also want to properly credit awan0918 (as seen on the watermark on the photo lo) for this

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