Which Social Media is more toxic ?

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@uso finally we'll be getting the version of Extreme Tux Racer with GPU ray tracing we deserve! :linus:

Feral just announce they are porting Extreme Tux Racer to vulkan, and plan to make a Windows version too

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanism I mean, I don't know, it just seems to me that some peoples promoting inclusiveness forgot some peoples.

So I've made a simple util to look though elements in json: github.com/cosmo-ray/json-sear
I wanted it to be as simple to used as grep is, but only to manipulate json.
Also it's on the AUR: "yaourt -S json-search-git"

Some time ago I've made that useless lib, it work, it's nice, But I have no idea what I could use that for. (source: github.com/cosmo-ray/useless-s)

Saw last Mental Outlaw video title about doas, got sceptical, saw doas came from Open Bsd...
yaourt -Sy opendoas # NO I don't use yaourt anymore, I just keep an alias on it
Gonna watch the video now.

Am I the only one who
alias yaourt=yay

It's seems that's a lot of debate due to elastic search relicensing to SSPL.
Amazon and OSI say it's not open source, but I'm wondering.
Is the licence really not respecting the 4 freedom ?
Or is it just Amazon and co trying to undermine the licence ?
Because for me it seems the goal of the licence is just to have a Free licence that apply to Web Services.

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yo, Arch users, what do you think about this? wanna know

I have this project of making a zelda-like that is set during the late XIX century in France, For the music I want to use music of that time.
The nice thing is: the music are now all public domain.
the less nice thing is: it's hard to find record of those music that are "libre".
Does someone have any tip about where to find free public domain music ?


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