Was pretty weird today only a third of my class went to school

If you are not a developer, then there is not much point to it. It is not usable as a daily driver, and just experimenting and playing around with it gets boring after a week or so. I had one for around a year now but I barely use it. If you want a linux phone, then you are probably better off with an android phone running postmarketos.

This year will be the year of the linux desktop.

@chris What I have an issue with is that she does not believe anything we say, and thinks it is more likely that we told others the password than it is that the teacher leaked it a second time.

@thatguyoverthere Angelfish is pretty good. (Defaulton plasma mobile)

@cirno I think you can use sshpass for this

sshpass -P 'sudo prompt' -p 'sudo password' sudo ufw
If you want, you can use a password manager, like pass to save the sudo password or encrypt it with gpg so you don't have your password saved in plain text.

@typomustakes Yeah, that really sucks. I was only able to find 1 store in the country that sells switches, and they only sell kailh switches.

kinda politics, vaccines 

@BrodieOnLinux It is not so much different from the regular kernel, just has some extra features, like fsync.

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@syscrash also many people complain about the battery life, but I don't have any issues with it, when using it only for simple things.

@syscrash For basic things, like sms and calls - it works well. Performance is not that great, because it has a 2008 gpu and most programs are not hardware accelarated, for example, you have to scale down videos in mpv to be able to watch anything with more than 5 fps.

(Arch linux, maybe some systems are different)


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