Any idea why my GitHub commits aren't being GPG signed? I generated a key, put it on GitHub, set it in my git global vars, still says unverified in the commit log....

ugh 😑

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Distrotoot, I'm beginning to think China may invade Taiwan and this may spark WW3. Anybody else worried about this?

Thoughts on GNU Guix? I think I might hop again.

Never ever try installing the ubuntudde-dde package, I got it to try it out but then it completely messed up my dpkg install and I had to reinstall my os. Absolute piece of trash package I'm tellin ya.

What Mastodon client do you guys use? Also, if any of ya'll could explain to me how the account system works on here that'd be great, cuz I would like to join multiple Mastodon rooms without having to create more accounts, thanks! 😀

Link me to a cool Github project, I need entertainment.

Favorite browser?


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