bought some workout equipment today, mainly a weight west. Excited to try it out

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>writing in class using a Markdown notepad on smartphone
>friend next to me writing the same thing but in the default iOS notepad
>"what the fuck is THAT, anon?"
>"its markdown. I can write and also format my text with minimal loss of typing speed"
>30 minutes later friend gets frustrated
>"whats wrong?"
>"i can barely fucking keep up with all these lines, there's so many questions i got lost"
>mfw i'm already done writing and it looks fucking gorgeous :rms:

Learn MD/org mode kids

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reposting this old meme because I've been mad about it lately

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It is the year 2031

Everything is an app now

Your OS launches straight into a browser

A browser is a program that is used to run web apps

Your browser comes with its own window manager

Your system settings are a web app now

Your file browser is a web app now

Your BIOS is a web app now

Your desk is a web app now

set a new record on my local offroad trail. 2 minutes and 32 seconds. I'm fairly positive I can beat that easily because at one point, my trail crosses a path covered in small rocks and i forgot about it and went in too fast and my rear tyre lost grip and I almost got spun out

> Started using GNU Pass
> Made a little flash drive that has a portable gpg2 binary for POSIX systems and a minimal gpg2.exe for windows systems
> It also has a copy of my secret key and my encrypted passwords
> Put the flash drive on my actual irl chainring
> Got to actually use it today on somebody's computer
> Mfw fucking unhackable (this is not a challenge please don't try to disprove me thanks)

Pro tip: change your current keyboard layout and replace Caps Lock with Backspace.

It's extremely comfortable and you probably don't use Caps Lock often anyway.

In fact it's so much more ergonomic than reaching for the actual Backspace key that I find myself using it out of muscle memory even on other people's computers, I can't believe I didn't use keyboards like this for like... forever

Waking up to your phone not having been charging overnight :rms3:

Do y'all know of a good, GTK based desktop client for Pleroma?

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Love it when teachers come into class looking all tired and shit as they tell us in a sad and exhausted tone how they have 4 LESSONS that day
Bitch I have like 8

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