has put up a "Call for Participation" notice, for this year's upcoming Akademy.


DLN LUG Fest is going to be an awesome time! Join us this Sunday! destinationlinux.network

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Do you miss your local #Linux User Group meetups? So do we. That is why @DestLinuxPod@twitter.com is hosting the first virtual DLN LUGfest! Join us after the Destination Linux live recording on Sunday, March 21st. Stay tuned for more details! #LUG #virtual #opensource #meetup

🐦🔗: twitter.com/sudoshowpodcast/st

Does anyone know of an open-source bookmarking service, that can work across browsers and devices (no matter the platform), similar to the defunct Xmarks system?

I use multiple browsers, across several machines, and would like to have the same bookmarks on each of them!

This popped up on my Facebook timeline, this morning, from 4 year ago today. I still use KDE, as my main DE (this image is from my, then, KDE Neon install), though I don't use a dock anymore.

And yes @derek, I do use themed wallpaper, from time to time. 😉 😂

While I'm not really one for chatting online, I've finally joined the revolution. 😀

Has anyone taken a look at Tim Berners-Lee's new project, Solid, yet?

Is GNOME ready to tackle the mobile form factor ? I take a look at Phosh, the mobile adaptation of GNOME shell. Let’s see how #Linux works on a phone!

@derek have you taken a look at the Tangram browser before? It's a browser for web apps. Came across it after watching the latest video from Chris Were!

I had no idea was such an old network... Live and learn, they say... At least live anyway...

Does anyone know of a Mastodon instance for Amateur Radio? Been looking but I can't see any obvious ones listed on the main register of instances.

@derek there's someone in a productivity community that I'm a part of, who's an Emacs user. I directed him to your channel, as he'd not heard of you before! 😀

@geary asking this on behalf of my dad, who's looking for an alternative to Thunderbird (due to Mozilla's recent actions).

Is there a way for him to import his Thunderbird profile, into Geary?

Just added this instance to , so this is a test message to see if it's set up okay!

.@derek thank you for setting up this instance and especially for letting us sign up to it.

I'm entering my 6th year as a user, starting with Mint 17.3; I currently use 20.10, as KDE is my favourite DE (I haven't really gotten into WMs yet).

Currently trying to persuade my favourite productivity apps (even though they're not Open Source) to make native Linux versions. An uphill struggle!


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