Side note: anyone know of an RSS feed for APnews? I'm looking for an RSS-Bridge.

Stumbled on this looking for and RSS feed for the Associated Press. Thought it was interesting:

Okay, so 'perl' updated from 5.32 to 5.34, and now I need to rebuild packages against the new library. Was using 'perl-webservice-musicbrainz' from AUR, but it hasn't seen any changes, and reinstalling does not fix the issue.

Can anyone help me understand how to rebuild against the new library? All I'm finding on the net is that I need to reinstall packages to rebuild.

released a new version of their imager with options to setup SSH, set a default hostname, configure WiFi, and set timezone, etc. Very cool! This was all stuff we could do already, but setting all this up during flashing allows for configuring the pi completely headless much easier.


Looking for RSS feeds/podcasts to subscribe to. I have a few Linux/FOSS feeds, and I'm looking for more, and also would like to find more journalists, comedians, or anything else you find interesting. Add them in the thread! I'll start:


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If you want to protect cryptocurrency from having the same fate as the stock market, please sign here. Also be vigilant.
$lbc $btc @OdyseeTeam

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Trying my first tiling WM. I'm still using KWin, but found the Krohnkite script to turn it into a DWM based experience. So far I'm loving it! And I like that I can still have all the Plasma eye candy.

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.@NASA_Astronauts Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins are prepping to begin their third spacewalk together today at 7:30am ET to service the station's cooling system and communications gear live on @nasa TV now.…

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Looking for FOSS and Linux channels to follow on . I of course found @derek -- Please send recommendations! :D

With all the talk of Mozilla and the search for alternative browsers, I'm curious if anyone here has any insight on Dissenter? Just saw a link on Aether, but I'd never heard of it before.

Just found this channel on YT. I've already set this up on my home network, but this guy made a great tutorial and explanation of why you might want this on your own network.

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