@Nitrux_NX do i have to disable them permanently or just for this update?

Also Flatpak apps don't show up in the Ditto menu or as a default app.

@Nitrux_NX thank you for the reply but as i can see its not the same issue because mine output is:

@Nitrux_NX Sorry for the late reply but the issue i'm having is this one:

@Nitrux_NX when i try to update my clean install it warns me that repo.nxos.org/nitrux isn't available

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Gaming in Nitrux pt. 1: Get Started

This post will be pt. 1, and it will only deal with obtaining games.

For pt. 2, there will be performance benchmarks on Nitrux and perhaps a comparison with other distributions, including those purposely built for gaming.


#Nitrux #Linux #Gaming #Tutorial #Steam #Wine #DXVK #Emulation

Installed instantOS see if this one can cure my distro hopping, i like the InstantWM its easy for casual users (or noobs like me) and powerfull enough for powerusers users.

@derek i personaly would love to see more immutable Distro's like NixOS or the new Micro OS from Suse/OpenSuse. so people can safely update and if there is an issue rollback to previous working snapshot.

@louis Thank you, well to be fair i wanted some new dental makeover so i'll keep giving :P

Posting my second tooth just to say Hello to to community ^^

@10leej @derek Yeah its using email, here is a list with providers that support it and some tweaks for others in order to make it work: providers.delta.chat/

@macxcool @derek i'm not really sure about that but i personly wouldn't mind. But it seems like the same as Signal/Telegram/Whatsapp interface"ish"

@macxcool @derek yeah i'm using it right now and it seems to work very well. Also the option to use multiple accounts and switch easy between is very intressting for people who want to have a private and work on different e-mails

@derek since you like Rust applications and we all like Free and OpenSource software can you take a look at DeltaChat: delta.chat


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