@Nitrux_NX when i try to update my clean install it warns me that isn't available

@tjay If it's something like this, you need to adjust the time and date.

This problem with APT can happen if there are multiple OSes in the computer and they use different ways to set the time and date.

@Nitrux_NX thank you for the reply but as i can see its not the same issue because mine output is:

@Nitrux_NX do i have to disable them permanently or just for this update?

Also Flatpak apps don't show up in the Ditto menu or as a default app.

@tjay Blender is installed through Flatpak; the icon doesn't show up in the menu until you log out but the launcher is added.

If you boot to other OSes, it will continue to happen, so you will have to disable IPv6 permanently.

@Nitrux_NX Sorry for the late reply but the issue i'm having is this one:

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