@derek since you like Rust applications and we all like Free and OpenSource software can you take a look at DeltaChat:

@10leej @derek Yeah its using email, here is a list with providers that support it and some tweaks for others in order to make it work:

@tjay @derek Yeah. I saw that awhile back and was *very* curious. Have you actually used it @tjay ?

@macxcool @derek yeah i'm using it right now and it seems to work very well. Also the option to use multiple accounts and switch easy between is very intressting for people who want to have a private and work on different e-mails

@tjay @derek Isn't the DeltaChat desktop software just another Electron application?

@macxcool @derek i'm not really sure about that but i personly wouldn't mind. But it seems like the same as Signal/Telegram/Whatsapp interface"ish"

@tjay This looks super interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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