My wife and I downsized our phone bill from $80 to $15. If anybody wants to save $10 when you switch to tello, let me know. It will save me $10, too.
*I am in no way affiliated with tello. This is not an ad.*

Maybe this is the answer...
"Mutual Aid And Dual Power | Praxis 101"

Sometimes Mr. Belvedere is scary... Step away from the knife, Mr. Belvedere... Nobody wants your towel...

What was your first experience with the interwebs? For me it was in 6th grade. I was at my brother's house and we downloads a graphic of the human heart from the local college's server for a school assignment.

How did I miss this one.
More people need to watch this guy.
"How to Solve the Social Dilemma"

"This Aluminium Cassette Will Give Electric Cars 1600 KM of Range"

Ever wonder if amazon filters reviews? Maybe, but not very well.

"7 Ways To Pull Carbon From The Atmosphere | Random Thursday"

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