I think my cat has transient idiopathic paralysis. Sometimes he just falls right over.

My federated feed is rather empty now that I've muted all the racism and anime*... Everyone has a right to freedom of expression, but I have a right to not waste my time and energy sifting through all that garbage.

* I like anime, just not the overly sexualized stuff.

In this city, people call all warm pullover shirts a sweater. They've never heard of sweatshirts or hoodies.

I finally got around to watching Picard. 👍👍

Now I want to build a qmk keyboard...
I wonder if I biuld one in a YouTube video, that I could write it off as a business expense. @derek or @tech might know.

My daughter turned 21 today... Now I'm feeling old...

How should I grill these chicken breasts?

I've been getting multiple spam calls every day ever since I yelled at my phone company about their horrible service.

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What I want is a new smartphone setup where the classical phone number is discarded for an encrypted identifier that can only be shared by the owner of the phone. That way only the people I want to communicate with can text or call me and nobody can sell my contact information to a third party.
I'm quite sure this is technically doable.

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