Start Trek:TNG S01E02 The Naked Now

"How functional are you?"


Just rewatched Encounter at Farpoint. TNG just never loses it's awesomeness.

I think being a librarian would be a cool as shit job, but I know my book addiction wouldn't be able to handle it.

Pretty sick of how I feel when I wake up and it's a work day. I should be out fishing or exploring instead of wanting to lock the doors and not leave the house. Fucked.

Decided to virtualise pfSense, ye old Dell poweredge 1950 too noisey and power hungry just to run it on.

I've seen several vaccination certificates from a number of countries now. They are laughingly easy to fake and look like they would be pretty hard to verify on the spot. People will probably be easily able to get away with just flashing them. Folding along the identifying fields to store in a wallet I'm sure would be overlooked by 99% of places.

My COVID-19 vaccine predictions:

- Anyone who is diagnosed with it will get forced to take it
- The government will subsidise or reduce the cost of quarantine if you elect to have it
- Interstate travel restrictions based on vaccination status

"Arguing that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." ~ Edward Snowden

Almost finished The Dark Crystal series on netflix. Just about every living creature in this show is a complete abomination.

Took my foundation amateur radio license today. Have to wait for official report in my score but assessor thinks I will have passed without issue. Can't wait to get my call sign

Here's the mentality of government from one Australian state in a nutshell. They are taxing electrical vehicle owners 2.5 cents for every km travelled in Victoria. Thanks for helping decrease your emissions by paying us more, because you know, coal fired power stations.

16:10 was the best aspect ratio of all time. Prove me wrong.

Found the management cable for my iSCSI SAN at work so at least I will be able to configure it again when I get home.

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This is just plain evil. You won't be able to use any FB apps without Whatsapp...

Facebook plans to send Instagram 2FA codes through WhatsApp - 9to5Mac

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