Slept in a whole 40 minutes which I’m not complaining about. Watching the 80s He-Man cartoon with little man and a mate is coming to down and ripping off some stuff so I can start studying for my ham/amateur radio license

Man, I find it very hard to have a rational discussion with people about COVID. Not because I'm irrational, but because people become almost hysterical at times at my "paranoia".

I don't want the vaccine because I'm not convinced of its safety. I believe many government bodies have taken advantage of the pandemic to increase their powers and reach.

I don't even entertain theories like it was deliberately created to achieve great control over citizens.

People are fucking annoying lol

Sometimes I just sit and think "Fuck I love FOSS". This move to a more privacy orientated online experience has had me searching for alternatives for certain things, and there's some gems there that's for sure.

Shoutout to all the people who can code and make this shit possible.

Man I really need to go on a diet. Bloat is for shitty computer systems, not for me to be lugging around like a fucking hippo lol.

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Just ordered the Pixel 5 and will be running GrapheneOS. Switched to iphones back in 2017 but I've had my fill

I think Filosofem will always hold up as one of those amazing albums that never ages.

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Right let’s give this Godzilla vs Kong a shot. I have no expectations lol

Me and the kiddo about to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh!

TIL that there are youtube channels that stream people studying for hours at a time using pomodoro. I am beyond fascinated.

Went down a track I haven't been on in a couple of years. Looks like it hasn't seen much use in the top section but the LandCruiser did me proud.

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New fav. Quote: "We build our computer systems the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins." -- Ellen Ullman

Going to be controversial here, but I think regular Oreos taste better than double stuffed.

I think a 4WD explore is on the cards today along with mowing the lawn. My grass is definitely the greenest in the street lol

Interesting. I deleted my Spotify account and the final step of the process requires clicking on a link sent via email, and the URL is blocked by Pi-Hole. More nefarious spying on me eliminated. Spotify is gone. The journey of increased privacy continues.

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