installing the Windows 10 ISO to run in VM, time to see if these system requirements are true.

Distrotoot may actually be the least toxic homeserver on this whole site, at least, of the ones that get federated to my feed.

Xonotic is a damn good game, a shame people don't play it anymore.

Me, logging onto anything and seeing my profile: "Oh, it's this bitch again."

luke smith should've just stuck with linux content, there are already too many conservative pundits in the world

fun fact: if you brag to anyone who isn't in your echo chamber that you're a "free thinker", then there's a good chance they can accurately deduce 75% or more of your opinions on things just by that alone, and they can get the rest of that percentage from your masto feed

Just spent like half an hour setting up Artix with FDE, only to forget that my /home/slips is on a separate, unencrypted drive. Now to do more stupid GRUB troubleshooting so I can get it to auto-unlock both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb at boot. Yaaaaaaaay. 🙃

Anyways , now that i've poked the wasp's nest, I'm gonna go play Ghost of Tsushima and check back in the morning.

Oh, and inb4 "ur an anti gun anti free speech neolib" I'm actually pro-gun *and* pro free speech, funnily enough, just not pro-murder of citizens practicing their first amendment rights by a militia trained to do everything their former president asks.

inb4 "why are you defending pedophiles!1!?", noobody who's opinion has any value is outraged at the death of these people *because* they were pedophiles. The issue rises when you consider that he had no knowledge that anyone he murdered had done anything except express rightful anger over the shooting of a black man unnecessarily by a Kenosha cop. Of course, he got away with this because he's a white conservative "innocent" murderer.

Was fun watching him cry his little crocodile tears, though.

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Breaking: Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts of shooting dead multiple people, of which there was video evidence and eyewitness accounts, because of course he was just a "Poor Boy trying to defend himself" with his illegally purchased AR-15 that he brought to a known BLM rally point alongside a small group of a right wing militia with the express intent of causing fighting within the rally *presumably* so they could have an excuse to shoot "muh commies!1!" over "self defense".

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