we didn't spend the past 300 years progressing scientific knowledge for a couple thousand morons to throw it all away because their favorite politicians said that everyone else was wrong and he was right, did he?

oh boy, another garbage rightoid trolldump in my federate feed? good thing masto has the block domain button or i wouldn't have survived it lmao

you can be as political as you want but i WILL block you INSTANTLY if you have "musl" in your bio

Is there any lgbt-friendly matrix instances, a la tech.lgbt on mastodon, but on matrix instead? I need to switch to a third party matrix instance because my VPS really can't handle synapse lol.

bass guitar is the most bisexual instrument and i need one

I look at my Nextcloud instance, I say "That's a bit sussy", I look at my VPS, I think of the ram usage, and I say "VPS? More like VP*SUS*! ***AAAAAAAAAAA***

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STOP, FEDERATING, ABOUT AMONGUS, I'm TIRED of seeing it! My friends on Peertube send me memes, on Mastodon it's f-in' memes; I was in, a matrix space, right? And AAAALLLLL of the rooms were amongus stuff, I-I showed my Pleroma build to my boyfriend, and the logo i flipped it and I said "hey babe, when the fediverse sus, HAHA! Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding, (gasp) dingdingding".

UH OH! You just federated cringe! You are going to loose repeater!

Dislike/unfavorite button when?

It'd be quicker way to express your disapproval instead replying to a post.

#mastodon #fedi

i am so confused as to why i'm being federated anime girl art bots and antivax drivel

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