It's good to see people who dig deeper change their minds.

RMS has always been ahead of his time and I've been on his bandwagon called crazy by everyone.. until now.

Good points from this guy. People who seek the truth and change their minds always have good points to listen out.

VPN Split Tunnell.

FW Alias+Outbond NAT+LAN Policy Route to VPN Gateway just doesn't work. I see rules in debug hit. I can even se advanced rules hit on Floating Kill switch rule & Surfshark return traffic rule. Nothing routes.

VPN works with Pull Routes allowed on the VPN connection just fine for whole network with these rules full-net context. WAN routes when split.

I need to decide ASAP if I refund these guys in the 30 day window, or change to pfSense. Anyone?

- More people have signed the letter in support of Stallman than have signed that hateful letter calling for his resignation. Check out this link:

If I were #RMS I would sue everyone who slandered me by signing that letter and donate the earnings to the #FSF.


@wire @alexl Do not forget that Red Hat killed CentOS, those fuckers...
@alexl @captainepoch always hated them. leeches on open source's neck.
and this also supports my assumption that RMS is a serious threat to coprorations, he stands for really free software. that's why they try to get rid of him.

I am the first who uses CW when I talk about politics, but in this case I haven't because RMS drama is too related with free/libre software and it's important for me.

This article is from 2011, in that moment I said "Free software is cool but that guy is an extremist"


Now in 2021 we have a cloud computing which the main software is proprietary running mostly open source as backend and we have a bunch of surveillance crap around the web.

And I should believe Red Hat?

Via @ Leah Rowe / TTwitter

"Someone showed me this earlier. A very well balanced talk! It's basically similar in spirit to Louis Rossman's "Don't accept the premise of assholes"."



Projects that apparently are violating their own code of conduct.

The best thing they delete the threads but it is difficult to lose something from internet.

Bunch of hypocrites



Neat, but as with all companies these days I had to dig deeper to understand them. Apparently, they bring politics into it.

I was OK with 'Inclusive' (at first), but can anyone explain how 'non-Colonialism' fits into software development in the manner they describe?

It's to the point even if a company is 'normie' & opts to cosmetically market this way I can't have anything to do with them out of fear of their future activities.

Newest OPNSense on a Proxmox 6.2 VM. I noticed I used a q35 machine; OPNSense says it just flat doesn't work as BSD can't see the virtio.. but it did work so I assume things evolved since then.

Sensei shows +5 hours on all log timestamps; rest of OPNSense matches server time.

Before I harrass them: Anyone seen this before to directly fix? (2 contexts different times; no obvious settings) Anyone know just how easy it is to convert machine to the other machine type (forget name) to test?


@derek I have plenty of time to do it myself. Maybe I should just start making videos. My experience and skillsets would actually be really good at it....


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@derek Idea for category of videos: Feature level comparisons of Windows Managers & Desktop Environments. You could possibly maintain a list of which you take into account to avoid nitpicking. Don't even have to make it best-to-worst, just highlight in video for people to see how they handle the feature differently; including ease of configuration.

First one should be on the topic of auto-window management. (I'm moving from Gentoo to Arch soon and also pondering what to try over i3...)

Be well

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