@postmarketOS Will a device which runs properly under postmarketOS can be expected to properly run under sxmo?

@shakil_tcs Depends on what you mean with "properly". You'll need a working screen of course and a working GPU is recommended but not required

@shakil_tcs @postmarketOS I believe sxmo currently runs best on the OG Pinephone. it has very basic support for other devices, but there are still a few things in sxmo that are pinephone-specific.

It is (hopefully) becoming easier to add support for other devices though. Mainly that is setting correct paths to LEDs, audio device names, and other device-specific config.

@craftyguy @postmarketOS I see. Thanks to both of you for responding. I am asking because, last I checked, Pine64 doesn't ship their products to India, where I live. So, I thought maybe if I can get together with some friends to work on porting postmarketOS to a device we can easily get, then we can run sxmo on it as well.

@shakil_tcs @postmarketOS in theory (assuming you've got pmOS booting on the device OK and wifi, touchscreen, etc working), you just need to create a 'device profile' here and most of sxmo should work:

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