I am moving to Yandex better Putin get my personal data then Biden.

@safiuddinkhan yeah Yandex is cool i use it mainly for pictures search it gives good results, but for normal search i get too many Russian results. It has a separate search engine for pictures but belongs to yandex also

@TooTankhaMooN @safiuddinkhan What's wrong with duckduckgo? It's not a bing wrapper anymore they just used that in the early days.

@rootbsd @safiuddinkhan for searches i use a searx instance without horns
and swisscows without bing results

As a person living in Russia I would say contrary.
Actually, my daily drivers are Searx and DuckDuckGo and I've already forgotten when I used Google the last time. Yandex? I never used it in my life.

@safiuddinkhan i almost always mistakenly use "then" instead of "than" but here think would be suited "than" 🤔 cos using "then" means you'll send info to Putin and after that to Uncle Biden

@TooTankhaMooN I do the same mistake i think probably its because our first language is not english

@safiuddinkhan English is much easy to speak than to write. Writing in English is a pain

@safiuddinkhan I heard someone saying that you can create even anonymous email accounts from Yandex. It require a phone number but you can skip that. So technically, you can create anonymous emails until they fix the phone number loophole. (btw, you should know how to use it without compromising anonymity).

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