Watch "Trump's Social Media Platform Could Get Killed Before It Starts" on YouTube

I want this. I hope it has a support for external monitor... lol

"The New Mactini - BBC"

SCUMMVM is 20 years old. Now they are on their way to add Macromedia/Adobe Director support. Primary support is already there in the latest version.

@rootbsd @syscrash It is entirely written in FASM assembler.. well its a fork of earlier MenuetOS

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I should write a TUI based text editor in C++ and ncurses but there are already so many that what is even the point. But I want one with easy to use interface with a builtin spell checker and it spiting out like markdown file or latex file.

I am always amused by this video as how the Russian woman is treating the wild beast as if it is a kitty cat.

"Siberian LYNX PURRS"

So Trump's new social media site will apparently be based on Mastadon as well.

Yeah as much as impressive as the Apple M1 processor is it is a complete walled garden... Its more or less like a glorified Ipad... So not for me.

"Did Apple Just Make the Macbook Great Again?"

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