always remember kids relying on the internet for everything and connecting everything to smart devices is a bad idea.

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Well at lest mastodon is not banned by my govt as it is not widely used... But this is how venerable internet is. The govts can shut it down if they get under panic. Its being done to control a far right religious political party which is spreading chaos in the country and rioting which the deep state made itself to weaken the previous government but now the monster has gone out of their control.

lol.. apple ripping off customers back in 1994... lol

"What It Was Like To Buy A Computer In 1994"

Google FloC is nothing but a joke its worse than 3rd party cookies in which the entire Google Chrome browser will do profiling on us for Google and then put us in categories for advertisement... lol

Cat slaps a seal and tells it to go back to the fucking water where you fucking belong 😍

Watch "Car Surveillance: an Unregulated Privacy Disaster" on YouTube

Fun fact:- During the 1920s and 1930s especially after the great depression literally every European country had either a far-right or far-left authoritarian or totalitarian regime or if it was democratic it was politically in total chaos.

"Musk’s Neuralink brain chip project is a fairy tale – neurosurgeon"

Some people say that Linus Torvalds should be kicked out of the development of Linux kernel because of alleged behavior. Well that is not so easy as Linus Torvalds have legal protection. First of all the Linux code is under GPL V2 which protects it from getting closed source by any entity... 2nd Torvalds own the trademark of Linux so he has the ultimate say in what can be called Linux and what cannot even if he is not the active part of the kernel development.

Void Linux so far so good I like it... It is fast, stable, easy to use and minimalist... Only thing it is missing is an AUR like repo

I am so enlightened after watching this and yes its all aliens

"The History of the World According to 'Ancient Aliens'"

My computer says please wait... why should I?? I am outraged... UNACCEPTABLE.

To be honest I hate all computers and all operating systems. 80% of the time I am trying to fix them rather than doing any actual work.

What OS should I install on my main PC??

what sorcery void linux put in ruint that it loads so fast and so light on resources while systemd is not i wonder 🤔

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