And then there is this abomination... lol As what I get it they built it from Linux from Scratch. They give acknowledgement to it at the bottom.

Pi5 not gonna come out soon anytime soon. The Pi4 platform is still not there yet and needs a lot of work. It is good it will have more time to grow as a platform and they ain't rushing towards developing Pi5.

"You peasants look I visited space well for 6 min." (Jeff Bezos)

"Watch Full Blue Origin Flight From Liftoff To Touchdown"

Remember when Canonical used to give a free box full of Ubuntu CDs??

of course these are job centers... lol not gulags.

"New evidence of Uighur forced labour in China’s cotton industry"

On top it is mostly a scam. If you have connections you can do anything and get away with anything.

"BIGGEST SCAM OF ALL TIME... The Story of Theranos"

All the billionaires want to go to space... they know earth is a shithole. Richard Branson's space plane is cool though. Finally something new.

"Watch: Rocket Blasts Richard Branson, Crew Into New Era Of Space Flight"

In fiction ionizing radiation gives you super powers or deforms you into a monster. In real life it just makes you horribly sick with radiation sickness, destroy your cells and bones and end up giving you cancer from which you will horribly die later on in life and can also make you sterile.

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