Okay so ya'll know I'm a drum and bass/uk bass nut, but I also dabble in rock and rap. My friend is a metal head and he reminded me of this band, good stuff 👍


Leftist trigger warning! 

And by sharing with your fellow man I mean developing friendships with like minded people in life who work hard and maybe have circumstances worse than yours. Your help them out and pay it forward. Not giving 5 dollars to the dope fiend at the gas station.

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It's time to stop thinking right vs. left and start thinking order vs. chaos. Reason vs. Insanity. We all have differences, but at the end of the day, we all have to inhabit the same living space. Maybe it would best to adopt an old 40s era British mindset on living and sharing with your fellow man.

The chaos of mass culture critique, oversensitive, frequent outrage, and daily focus on tragedy; is a massive disinformation campaign designed to divide and conquer. Don't let them fool you!

I'm placing my order for a Pinephone tomorrow. I can't wait, I'm going to get a keyboard for it too.


Seriously, this is the Liberatarian national anthem.

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Daily driving OpenBSD 6.9 current for over a year now. Love it :openbsd: 😍

Please read this in your mind with some dumbass SNL hacks repeating these lines. ty

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Linux - we have Wine. It is not an emulator but we spent 20 years on a binary compat layer.

OpenBSD - one young genius user - we have no wine because 32bit. So I write korn shell script that run Windows games called fnaify,

Big brain time.

@safiuddinkhan OpenBSD is great but say goodbye to wine due to it's hard dep on 32bit libraries/code. Only fnaify can run some Steam games


Wine could be ported to OpenBSD but it has to break it's 32bit dependency. Even the 64bit wine has 32bit in it's core AFAIK. If things have changed please let me know.

Wow, I just found out I can keep my carrier and my sim card for a PinePhone (MetroPCS/T-Mobile). Only thing not supported is mms. Am I right or am I getting something wrong?


I should get a pine phone and setup a real ISP at my apartment too.

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Bad news, I broke my Samsung Galaxy, which was my sole source of Internet (wifi hotspot to my machines). So I'll be offline for 30 days to save up for new hardware. Maybe I'll just get a pinephone. Don't have too much fun guys, signing out!

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