I use Linux because it's the superior operating system. Not because I want to make friends.

@DigitalOffgrider @derek No need to be sad for me. I actually enjoy a fun troll. And a troll that inspires a deed like his was awesome. Thank you for speaking your piece. ☮️

I'm pretty indifferent to the whole soystemd controversy, but the arrogance on display here is epic. It's almost enough to make me want to switch my init system.

Why doesn't the LBRY app have like/dislike buttons?

Coffee is an obsession of mine. My favorite thing to make and consume is a latte, so consequently I consume way more dairy than I really should. I decided to try out soy milk and picked up a half gallon at the store today. It's not bad. As I was drinking it, I started wondering. Are people actually insulted by the term soydev?

I watched this like I'd watch any trainwreck taking place right in front of me.
Addison Rae - Obsessed (Official Music Video)

Not tech related but I thought I'd share that I got my first shot of the vaccine today. I'm like Mario eating the 🍄.

Dagnabbit! The reference book bundle I was eyeing over at Humble Bundle just ended. I forgot about it and missed my chance.

Woah! Spatry is posting again on YouTube.

Okay hackers. I'm throwing up my hands in desperation. I need to access my company's VPN on my laptop running Manjaro. The company I work for runs GlobalProtect and provides configured clients for Mac and Windows. As a Linux user, I'm on my own. The OpenConnect client works on my system, but only when I run it from the terminal with sudo. Can anyone here point me to a tutorial that shows me how to set everything up in NetworkManager so I can start the VPN as a standard user?

Whenever I see the word "crypto" thrown around in relation to crypto-currency, I cringe a little. As a person with a big interest in the field of cryptography, I hate that "crypto" is the colloquial term for crypto-coins.

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