I spent the weekend listening to The Metallica Blacklist tribute album that just released a couple of days ago. I whittled it down to a playlist of my preferred covers of each Metallica song. Here's what I ended up with.

The earliest reported case of ransomware that I'm familiar with was in 2012. I never know ransomware was a thing in 2008.

I'm still rooting for Odysee to succeed, but they're are making it difficult to like them.

Just curious. Does anyone here ever play Raid Shadow Legends?

I hope all fellow Americans here had a nice injury-free 4th of July. Time to read about all the tragic celebrity fireworks accidents that happened last night.

My original Pixel phone finally croaked. 😞

People who are influenced by influencers on the Internet are way too impressionable.

Anyone else surprised they they didn't disable comments on that Windows 11 trailer?

I wonder where the real John McAfee is.

Does anyone else think it's a little tone deaf to preach about the Unix philosophy after singing the praises about Emacs? 😄

I've been using the Expert since the early nineties, for nearly my entire career as an audio editor. One of the ones I've had actually did have an eight-ball in the mouse.

eople have seem to lost the ability to tame all the window panes on their work spaces. For whatever reason, mainstream operating systems lack fundamental controls needed for tiling. Back in the earliest days of Windows, I remember right-clicking on my desktop and selecting "Tile windows" or "Cascade windows" in order to maintain a neat work space. Those functions have been missing for a long while. There's no beating a tiling window manager at this game.

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Everyone else seemed to keep everything in separate tabs or windows maximized to their full screen so they had to switch back and forth between the documents as well as a calculator from google. My son's computer was the only one that had the documents neatly tiled along with a calculator app tucked in the corner of the screen. When it was my son's turn to present his screen, the reactions he got from his teacher was priceless. "Wow! How did you split your screen like that?"

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Students in my son's class have been using Chromebooks to attend classes over Zoom throughout this school year. Students regularly present their screens to the rest of the class to participate in the lesson. The other day, they were working on an assignment where they had a table they had to refer to which was separate from the file the problems they were working on were in. It's been an eye opening experience to watch how other people use their computer.

I'm not much of a distro hopper but I've been meaning to switch to Artix to see what life is like with an alternative init system. I have yet to blow away my current system to install Artix because I'm too darn lazy.

Unix --> Minix --> Linux ?
Why isn't it Linix?

Why do people get flack for choosing bash instead of POSIX compliant shell to write scripts in?

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