@retroedgetech I'm literally laughing right now. And I haven't even watched the video yet. If this is your first tiling manager (or your 10th tiling window manager), you are in for a helluva ride with stump. I hate this thing. I hated when I made a video about awhile back (due to my viewers trolling me to try it). And I still occasionally login to it and play with it to see if my opinion changes. It hasn't. But don't let my experience influence you. May God have mercy on your soul! :linux:


@derek I watched your video on a while ago... which certainly influenced my delay in trying it.

It is difficult to use at first, but I think that I may grow to like it. Time will tell.

I'm not an emacs guy, yet, having just started playing around with Doom Emacs a day or so ago. So the emacs inspired keybindings are not something I am used to at all.

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