Probably the most important thing you can do as a writer is to have control over your own material. Rather than relying on companies such as #VoiceHQ & #Medium where you *don't* own your material, move to FOSS services or self-host. @write_as & #WordPress are two great services.

After only a few days of use, I can safely say #Alpine Linux is my newfound love in #FreeSoftware. Seriously, it's pretty damn amazing.

So much I'm in love with it that I feel it's the first project I truly wanna contribute to - code, docs, testing, anything.

So far I've been only a user, maybe a journalist, of Free Software, but now I wanna be part of this project. Where could I begin?


@av06 Could this maybe be helpful? In addition to your exposed goals, maybe learn some shell scripting could be handy too. :blobcat:

I feel pretty comfortable with Linux as a user. I can set up my computer the way I want, use the command line, do basic admin tasks, etc. My question is where should I go from here to learn more? I want to know more about /dev, /proc, /sys, how to communicate with devices directly (i.e. the way you use /dev/null except with real devices), a little bit about how the kernel works, etc. Any advice?

I just had my first open source contribution (to a project that is not one of my own) accepted and merged into master - and it was for the mighty Amfora!

@makeworld thanks for being a patient and courteous guide.

Robert Nagy's OpenBSD chromium port is so based. Pledge, unveil, and a host of compile patches make it amazing! Plus, no FloC in version 89.0.4389.114

Linux Distributions are a social construct

Interesting article on Hyperbola switching from to an base, but rewriting some parts of it that are non-GPL compatible to be GPL licensed.

Seems like an enormous task, but I don't know the details of what that would entail.

Not sure if this still counts like a #ScreenshotSunday, but have a shameless showoff... #Alpine Linux running a minimalist, but full-fledged work session on tmux. Total cost in RAM: 35MB.

Less. Than. 40MB. Doing full work things like publishing blogs and writing code.

This is so awesome, I gotta test the Pi with it later. Might turn out to be the FreeBSD killer there!

So far so good with my #peertube channel. Some of the videos attract more interest, some less, but the important part should be that I am having fun making them, practising my english, etc. Right?

I could not even imagine I would be able to get 70+ views on one video.. and yeah, it happened.

Just got this in a text:

"Hey Matthew, just thought I'd follow up with you. The computer you put together for me ROCKS! 3D modeling, animating speeds are great, compiling large numbers of frames and working without lag is a game changer. So, long story short, THANK YOU, great work."

Made me smile. Feeling good.

And one more glimpse of hope. Jonathan Carter won the debian project leader over the toxic and hateful Sruthi Chandran. It seems that for the devs its about the project and development and not about toxic political witch hunts :blobheart:

I may actually stay on Debian :debian:

I knew my moonlander was powerful. But then I discovered tap dance. I am sitting here yelling Yes! Yes! Finally after decades a solution I always wanted. Every key can have FOUR functions.

Ex: Up arrow now has superpowers! When I press it once, it sends Up; when I press twice, it becomes Page Up. If I hold it, it’s a Volume Up, and if I press, then hold — it activates the browser’s address bar

No more need for modifier keys (at least as often), although they are still there, as are 32 layers.

As another example: most of my keys can now serve as app launchers in my tiling manager.

- Tap q, it's letter q. Double tap, it quits and app.
- Tap w, it's letter w. Double tap, it launches web browser
- Press 1 to 0 - get the number. Double tap it, brings you to the workspace. Tap and hold, it will move the focused window to that workspace.

I mean this is truly revolutionary.
And any QMK (open firmware project) keyboard can have this functionality btw. Not just the expensive moonlander.

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@retroedgetech @Sleepbag Yes! I do know a lot about wifi for OpenBSD, here is a list of drivers and their supported hardware.

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