Cool retro term is actually very cool go get it from your repositories (cool-retro-term).

Ive been over enjoying planning my own self hosted alternatives to the various tech platforms.

I usually don't edit the videos I post to , but in the most recent one I messed up the ending... but if I cut the part I messed up out it would be fine.

Figured out how to do that on the command line with

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:01 -i original.mp4 -to 06:44.12 -c copy cut.mp4

That command cuts out the first second and then ends the video at the six minute, forty-four second mark.

Still working on moving away from Big Tech. Today I finished the cleanup of my iCloud backup. Over the years my backup had grown to their largest option. Not a big monthly payment but its the principle.

Should be a minor project but as always with Apple: Its just perfect if you just stay, but if you try to export your stuff to another place then the problems starts.

Today my account was down to 1gb and I downgraded to the free version with a smirk on my face.
Vote with your feet 🙂

book recommended by @louis

DAS Keyboard in the background. Arrived last week, was something I wanted since 2008

So much tech stuff, so little time!

* A friend loaned me their to experiment on and set up for them

* I bought a Pixel phone on @thegeekfather's recommendation (haven't opened it yet)

* I have a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L, the only desktop motherboard on the compatibility list

* Have a Dell Optiplex 7010, which likely will work with

* Got the Nim In Action book on the Nim language

* Got the Common Lisp book recommended by @louis

@tech has been posting great videos lately and has now turned me on to Fluent RSS reader, bpytop system monitor and lsd :) Stop posting such great content @tech! I'm not getting my work done :) Seriously though, go give @techhut a visit on the YouTubes.

Upgrading a MacBook Pro A1278 with 1TB Samsung SSD and 16GB memory.

The A1278 is my favorite MacBook but I still get grumpy when having to work on them. My wife asked me what was wrong... I replied that I had four Macbooks in the workshop and she understood.

Ok, why the hell am I having a harder time getting virt-manager up and running on Arch than any other distro?

Any users here? I have used it for years... but have a few questions. I use ssh for transfer method. Would NFS or http be faster?

My son working on his camera project. The Pi is inside the tea box, external USB power battery and USB camera strapped on with rubber bands. He's been doing some BASH scripting to get it to do what he wants.

Just updated an old Galaxy Tab 2 to Android 7 using TWRP and the Slim 7 rom and it works without a hitch.

No GAPPS, instead F-Droid and AOSP apps. 100% FOSS tablet. If there is one thing I truly love about FOSS is how it allows one to keep devices working way past their expiration date.

Better than MX would be antiX with open box as it is much more lightweight or sparky linux

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