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Getting stuff done in the workshop today.

Using photorec to attempt to recover some text files on a drive that my son overwrote with a fresh linux installation. Then will be using grep to search through the recovered files to find a phrase.

Hopefully we'll have success with that. Time will tell.

Hope you are doing well and have a great weekend!

@retroedgetech funny thing I just posted about my experiences just now. I used Prosody following one of the Digital Ocean tutorials. Not that bad. Now just trying to get Omemo encryption working


Matrix vs. XMPP: Which is Better for Actually Secure Messaging? (Unlike Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.) videos.lukesmith.xyz/videos/wa

I just watched Luke Smith's most video about open source messenger services that you can host yourself. He compares and XMPP.

I like the idea of , but had some trouble setting up a server with a certificate for encrypted messaging.

What's your experience been with either Matix or XMPP?

Here's the video on :


Downloading (by torrent) Mint 20.2 to put on a Ryzen based ThinkPad E495.

This model has serious touchpad issues in Windows 10. I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution without success. Lots of other people are experiencing the same thing. The touchpad has false touch issues that make it seem like you are tapping or selecting when just trying to move the cursor.

Rather than sinking more time into finding a fix for the touchpad on Windows, I'll just install Linux Mint instead.

I really like the idea of mininalism. Some examples of things I think are minimalist:
- Running (Can do anytime with what you have on you)
- Singing (Can do anytime with what you have on you)
- Writing (Only need paper + pencil)
- Drawing (Only need paper + pencil)
- Stretching, Yoga, Meditation (Can do anytime with what you have on you)
- Permacomputing (Reusing existing, often obsolete hardware with software that cannot be bloated)

Some of you guys wanted to know more about the SOWM rice that I showed you guys a few days back so here it is



Found this chunky 2010-made boi eating dust on the curb while #dumpsterdiving. What distro should I install on it to make it useful again?

It's got a (gasp!) single-core Celeron and 4GB RAM


So I commissioned my friend to build me a phat audio/video Linux workstation for the YouTube channel for $1600. But, that’s planned for March 2022. Sorry I’m poor 🙏 until then my vids will be early Luke Smith circa 2015 quality 😂. First video drops in two weeks, “Setting up an OpenBSD desktop, the proper way!”.

Been out of the Pinephone game for a while. What’s the most mature distro for it atm?

Installed Mint on a newer HP 15 laptop today. Had to use secure boot to be able to use the wifi card. I am not used to that at all, as most of my Linux installations are on older hardware.

Another great video by Louis Rossmann highlighting the value of repair culture. When you consider buying a tool, consider how hard it will be to repair. It will save your wallet in the long run!


I recommend that business owners have both a laptop and a desktop computer with their important data and software on both. That way, if one fails (or the laptop is broken, lost, stolen) you can keep working without missing anything on the other one.

I just finished reading LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring.

This might be obvious to some, but, uh... yeah, this is a really good book.

For the longest time I've considered the movie trilogy one of my favourite cinematic experiences of all time. Right now, I might just say that the best thing about the trilogy is getting me to read the books. They're more enjoyable in just about every way.

Gonna watch The Fellowship (the movie) tomorrow, and then it's off to The Two Towers. I'm excited.

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