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I am going to start publishing more writing and videos on RetroEdge.Tech topics: not-so-new computers, laptops, , , and more!

If you'd like to get email from me, subscribe to me on substack:

Okay I'm gonna release an install video of something other than OpenBSD for a change. I don't think I can get my viewers to share my enthusiasm for Lubuntu lol. Got a 150GB testing partition. What would you like to see? Will set release date two weeks out.

You don't need to have a PeerTube account to interact with PeerTube videos.

You can comment, like, share etc PeerTube videos and subscribe to PeerTube channels entirely from within Mastodon.

Just copy and paste a PeerTube video or account URL into the Mastodon search box and press enter. You will then be able to interact with it just as if it was a Mastodon post or account.

Replies to video posts in Mastodon will appear in PeerTube as comments below the videos.

#FediTips #Fediverse #PeerTube #PeerTubeTips

This beauty from 2004.

Rockbox firmware, storage partition mountable from command line in any Unix based system, mkdir, cp -r, and rm -rf all function as expected, now plays almost any audio format rather than only Apples. Also functions as a rudimentary reader, formatting and rendering .txt files to the screen.

Speaking of that, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan's "The C Programming Language Vol. 2" is available in all formats on the Internet Archive...

Finally added an RSS feed to my blog / site / whatever it is.

Like, I typed one into a text editor.

Which is... probably on the weird side of doing it; it works though! (See article.)

#100DaysToOffload, episode 37.

thanks @booligoosh & @joeligj12 for actually asking about one!

Why do computers have an option to disable CPU virtualization in the BiOS ? Is there any benefit in disabling?

Vim is super useful! Try this?

:r!date will insert the date

My Odysee channel is up! That was fast. They only could do my most recent videos though, but that's okay.

starting to feel comfortable in the new OBSD install.
Shaved down the functions I really used in zsh for setting up ksh. At this point, I dont miss anything from zsh, and ksh is so much faster.
Using tput to selectively colorize script output is nicer than zsh plugins. And again, _faster_.
Wrote a simple list-grid startpage for qutebrowser using flexbox css. Hit f, and you get keyhints for opening links. Though Im spending more time latley in the sacc and clic gopher browsers..

Windows 10 Pro on an Acer C740

Will be swapping the motherboard with another that has double the memory (4GB). Will be freeing that motherboard from with too.

This will be for a customer that wants Windows, long battery life and inexpensive. Doesn't care much about performance (though it is snappier than I thought it would be).

Lighttpd gained a reputation as a good web server to run Ruby On Rails apps on, so I may have a good chance of getting it to work fine on that web server and then be able to host it on an updated OS.

Also, being written in C and configurable in means that it fits in well with the RetroEdgeTechStack.

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I'm looking at (pronounced "lighty") as a replacement for Apache web server in some of my home and business use.

It's written in C and configurable in .

It also may help with some very specific problems that I have with a legacy Ruby on Rails app on Apache that I'm still using. If I upgrade the machine, the app will break... the machine is one Ubunut 12.04 LTS. Don't worry, it is internal and not exposed to the internet.

May work fine in lighttpd

Hooray. Got a working bootstrap of the LLVM D Compiler on #OpenBSD. That's the last of the trifecta of #dlang compilers.

It only works on amd64 for now, but I know how to replicate the LDC bootstrap process for all other archs, so they can be added in the future.

Expect an email to ports@ soon.

#programming #compiler #compilers #unix #freebsd #netbsd #linux #code #coding

Considering a framework laptop as my main computer. My thinkcentre works great but not being able to use it around the house is a bit annoying. I know there are cheaper / used options but I'd really like to support a company doing good things for right to repair.

Any framework owners like to chime in on their experience so far? In particular, what have you NOT liked about it?

Boosts welcome!

I'm installing on an HP EliteDesk 800 G1

It's going to be my new server, replacing an old installation that I've been using for years.

One thing caught my eye on the "Programming Language Energy Benchmark" report:

Imperative languages use less energy than OO and functional languages.

It doesn't surprise me, 'cause all my life I saw that CPUs are imperative: Read memory from position X, move value read to register, add 1 to register, move value in register to memory and so on.

For other programming paradigms to use less energy, I bet the CPU instruction would have to focus on that paradigm.

Also, one could expect that a compiler could turn all those objects and monads and functors into imperative code, but I guess that's not really simple.

(Also, scripting language are, basically, a CPU emulation layer: They convert the script language into CPU "language", which is then converted in the real thing.)

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