I created my first public youtube channel (after private 10 years). The channel is about TUX: Linux World. It is the series and I upload 4.part now.

Because there are many channels about linux in english; this is a different; in native czech language for my country.


I finished dofiles project which is union of several subtrees projects and configuration: Awesomewm-config
and several additional configs.

Gentoo Bash Installation History from chroot.

Several problems solved, full xfce4, dwm, awesome-git, atom, kitty, alacritty. Portage configuration added.


Migration bottom to top, few additions and comments to original arch guide.

Will be test tomorrow and maybe correct some mistakes :)


Support pass in wsl to passff in windows. If you have rest of family in windows not in linux, the pass has to be available in win too. I'm using ":" for ports in the names, and it cannot be used in windows file system, keep structure is possible with wsl, which is very fast.

Guide is described here:

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@raven2cz Welcome, it’s a really laid back community here.

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Its been 8 years since I am using Linux as my primary OS. I am definitely not a newbie who does not understand how Linux/BSD works. Windows is simply not for me. I don't even know much about Windows anymore beyond basic use.. lol The last Windows OS I used as my primary OS was Windows 7.


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Love that DT has videos on awk and now sed :)

Hello, I'm new on Mastodon 🐘
My professions and interests are
In actual time, I finished my web and blog pages.
It available on


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