We're giving away a PineTime by PINE64 on my website. Learn more about how you can participate at the links below. Check out a fun FOSS contest, maybe even win a fun FOSS gadget.

details on Odysee:

details on YouTube:

details on FOSSphones:

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The first episode of my new "FOSScast" podcast, where we discuss free and open source software.

On this episode, we are going to talk about Linux phone hardware, software, and resources, as well as how they stack up against the Google/Apple mobile duopoly.

Watch on Odysee:

Watch on YouTube:

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@10leej yeah, i'm planning on fixing the quality soon. as for the robot voice, he's only there until I can get a decent mic again

Take a look at my new video, a peek into some of the game modes in Xonotic. This is the first part in the multi-part series showing off free and open source video games.

Check it out on Odysee:

Check it out on YouTube:

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@WallyHackenslacker thanks! there's not a lot there yet since I haven't posted much, but much appreciated.

@WallyHackenslacker good to see another pixelfed user! I'm on pixelfed.social with the same name as I have here (rav3ndust).

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@Terry Santa Claus is pissed off at North America.

In this canon, Santa Claus has god-like ice elemental powers.
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My son working on his camera project. The Pi is inside the tea box, external USB power battery and USB camera strapped on with rubber bands. He's been doing some BASH scripting to get it to do what he wants.

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