It's done. Whatsapp is gone, now I am part of no Facebook services.

One botnet less.

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Going through the process of backing up whatsapp contacts and telling them I won't be using facebook's botnet anymore.

Doesn't feel as good as it should. I know it will make keeping touch with distant family, using services in my country very inconvenient and convincing them to use alternatives it's not easy.

But I cannot in good conscience continue to be part of this abusive, manipulative system, whoring out our personal information

Screw you zucc

Was trying to follow @lain , but for some reason I can only see 3 of his toots, and when I try to do a "remote follow" I'm getting a server error.

Are these the shanenigans I've been hearing about?

Redpill me on

From what i gather its less resource intensive than .

If anyone that runs or ran an instance would like to chime in, I would appreciate it very much

Been thinking of putting my money where my mouth is and sart to run a instance of my own

The Expanse S5 Spoilers 

Just finished Project Wingman (on linux no less) , I am absolutely astonished at what such a small team managed to accomplish.

The game is oozing with soul, I cannot recommend it enough.

Hitman-1 out

Github actions can be quite handy, but by turing's balls I wish there was an easier way of debugging the damned things

Having to constantly re-commiting the same file and clogging up the commit history is extremely frustrating

If anyone is aware of a better way, or has any pro-tips, please let me know

The advances in Linux gaming (as far as desktops go) always astounds me. Wine, Proton, Lutris, PlayOnLinux, even Codemaster's work.. it shows that we need not be tied to the apron strings of Microsoft any more, and with the incumbent release of kernel 5.11, that apron is getting more and more tattered. We may not have the 'year of the Linux desktop' yet, but I see no reason to not hold out that hope for the future.

Hello world!
Testing this 'toot' thing for the first time.

Big thank you to @derek for hosting this instance. Hopefully we can turn the tide and create a healthy, federated environment


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