Watch "Pi news 43. Don’t Update to Bullseye warning! How to still download Buster." on YouTube

Watch "Lubuntu 21.10 - You are ALMOST THERE, see ya the next go around" on YouTube

didnt know that theres a non-free iso

Watch "Debian 11 & i3" on YouTube

Watch "PopOS is making a NEW DESKTOP, and it's GREAT for Linux" on YouTube

Watch "You CAN'T make a "Linux app", because there is NO LINUX PLATFORM" on YouTube

Watch "Pop!_OS 21.10 Beta | DistroDelves LIVE!" on YouTube

Watch "Raspberry Pi OS Big update. Many improvements. Debian 11 Bullseye 64bit & 32bit." on YouTube

Watch "NEW Raspberry Pi OS update - debian bullseye release" on YouTube

Watch "i3wm on Pinephone Pro in convergence mode (output to external display)" on YouTube

Watch "VolksPC. How to install full Linux on most Android devices." on YouTube

so the pop shell is workin on arch

Watch "Mixed Ideas" on YouTube

Watch "Change Alacritty Colours On The Fly With a Single Command" on YouTube

oh so its 64bit!

Watch "Pop!_OS 21.10 BETA Released for the Raspberry Pi 4!" on YouTube

Watch "POP OS For The Raspberry Pi 4 & Pi400! You Have To Try This Amazing OS" on YouTube

Watch "Pinephone Pro - The Year Of The Linux Smartphone?" on YouTube

pop on pi !?

Watch "Twitch goes open-source & PopOS on the Raspberry Pi" on YouTube

Watch "S02E19 - Slackathon - Raspberry Pi4 & Pinebook Pro" on YouTube

Watch "Vivaldi browser now default for Manjaro Linux Cinnamon community edition—and a rant about the web" on YouTube

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