Watch "Pinephone/Linux: 25,500 Radio Stations: Shortwave Player- Check It Out!" on YouTube

Watch "PinePhone Manjaro KDE: Best of Both Worlds? | Manjaro KDE First Impressions" on YouTube

Watch "First look at the PinePhone Keyboard dev unit" on YouTube

tile not to make the system liter but i kind of no not hate their approach

Watch "POP!_OS 21.04 COSMIC desktop | BETA Preview!" on YouTube

iDoze(podcast): 10min of "leletele" = muzik generated by python twisting some fragments recorded with fretless-ukulele n fretless-telecaster

playing kajiwara-flute 2 the noise groove generated by

Watch "Arch gets an OFFICIAL guided installer?! - The Future is Wayland - TP Live Stream: Ep #044" on YouTube

Watch "Mobian on the Purism Librem 5 Evergreen" on YouTube

will use dd instead but this one is easy to understand how jumpdrive works

Watch "How to flash OS images on the Pinephone (SD or eMMC)" on YouTube

the oil podcast: +"15min of [, hascillators]".ogg) namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j generates never ending noiz patterns even on that original RaspberryPiB which has only 512MB of RAM
updated por

the oil podcast: +"30min of muzik con".ogg) namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

hmm depends on how much it costs

Watch "The World Smallest Pico Laser Projector - Nebra AnyBeam" on YouTube

oil.ogg(podcast): the groove building project with non list envolving ver of has launched .. named

the oil podcast: +" orchestra featuring plaintalk.kathy".ogg) namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

oil.ogg(podcast): the last one .. .wav r results of mono.hs of hascillators .. so nothang sounds acoustic

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oil.ogg(podcast): fixed the bug in .. imports .wav files at init pero works totally the same as .. hmm .. so the original flavour by .wavs goes away too easily .. one more try?

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oil.ogg(podcast): took for granted that nuclearnizing would go easy pero some bug came out .. while testing this one with nuclear.Zero() n nuclear.Seven-Nine() came out

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oil.ogg(podcast): fixed a critical bug n did a rerun featuring the nuclear.Zero-Nine() orchestra

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oil.ogg(podcast): okay nuclear.py2 es almost done .. now got its self.fuck(other_one) recoded which will replace one of the other_one's sound-vector-lists with self.sang[0]

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