Watch "New Desktop Environments for Armbian / Gnome, Budgie, Cinnamon and Mate" on YouTube

oil.ogg(podcast, 30sec): testing the recoded nuclear.Zero-Nine() + .. fixed this bug but still a lot to be done

oh i must try this one .. can i go vt only and choose their funny fonts at install .. as it was like on x86?

SARPi Project - Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi

Watch "Discussing node.js - Computerphile" on YouTube

Watch "Twitter Super Follows, Net Neutrality & Facebook Australia News Ban" on YouTube

hmm..slackware podcast? i want slack 4 pi cuz they easily let me setup weird fonts for vt

Watch "S02E06 - Let's talk about the size of your swap file, shaggy dog stories and Slackware AArch64" on YouTube

Watch "Plasma Mobile is Maturing Well (PinePhone OSes: Manjaro Plasma)" on YouTube

Watch "LeftWM - A Fast and Simple Xmonad Alternative" on YouTube

ive gotta try this

Watch "How To Install Different OSes On The PinePhone! + Mobian Overview" on YouTube

hmmm a better clubhouse por linux users?


Watch "Signal | Privacy Friendly WhatsApp Alternative" on YouTube

pine thangs
Watch "February Update: Show and Tell" on YouTube

Watch "RISC-V: How much is open source? Featuring the new ESP32-C3" on YouTube

oil.ogg(podcast): +

nutrition: python, csound, hascillators

what about like app for linuxphones .. i mean an instant talk radio streaming app .. is there any?

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Retro-Vintage r/unixporn r/unixart like image.

Dated 2013-02-06

AwesomeWM - I am using weechat in this screenshot, proof it happened.

Watch "Red Hat's No-Cost RHEL, Linux on Apple M1 Mac, Google's Chromium Fiasco | This Week in Linux 135" on YouTube

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