Watch "Vivaldi browser now default for Manjaro Linux Cinnamon community edition—and a rant about the web" on YouTube

Whonix - Software That Can Anonymize Everything You Do Online

hmm ... a turkish gov supported distro based on deb


what about this one?

Patchbox OS - Raspberry Pi OS for Audio Projects

eatin up too much ram

Watch "Ubuntu 21.10 | A Sleek GNOME 40 Experience on the Raspberry Pi 4!" on YouTube

o its not arm

Watch "Amazing Silent Ultra Mini PC. MeLe Quieter2Q. Plus Steam Proton Test." on YouTube

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lots of tips in the comments

Watch "Fenix Pi Plasma. Great 1080 YouTube performance on Pi 4!" on YouTube

i still love that crunchbang linux distro

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oh u can apt install pikiss n piapps?

Watch "TwisterOS Lite. Auto installing my essentials." on YouTube

okay it seems rly lite compared to the full ver

Watch "TwisterOS Lite - The PERFECT Desktop Experience on the Raspberry Pi 4!" on YouTube

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sxmo comming to archlinux arm by the end of july?

Watch "PineTalk Episode 13: 13th of July" on YouTube

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We are pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-18. Full details can be found in the accompanying blog post:

#UbuntuTouch #Ubports #Lomiri #OTA18 #Ubuntu #LinuxMobile #OpenSource

not interested in doze365 but if there was antix-core365 would consider paying for it ... o how would the audio work btw .. is it gonna stream play somethang.wav .. that sounds like a waste of lte

seems to be thinking about 8GBRAM ver of cm4

Watch "The Pi Cast: Eben Upton Q&A" on YouTube

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