Switched to leftwm on one of my old laptops too. Blueish instead of the green I use to go for.

day 3.
Haven't had time to do much with the phone today. Tested streaming youtube via mpv but it was lagging, don't know why, will test more some other day.
Now I updated my gemlog over the phone :)

day 2
Have not had time to do so much more than that I updated the phone last night. Today I have had some phone calls and it works well. Playing a bit with themes and icons now during lunchtime.

Launched the official Candlemass capsule! First minimal version: gemini://gemini.nirucon.se/candlemass

This Sunday will be in the woods and later new installation of one of my home studio computers. Guess it will be Arco and Reaper.

Got inspired after watching @derek DT's video on leftwm. I have now played a few minutes with polybar and xmobar. I Like it! Will probably continue try get it look better and fix some keybindings etc...

I want the window information in same color as workspaces.

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xmonad/xmobar help! I can not find how or where to change the color of "StdinReader" so it is not lime green in xmobar?

Good morning from Sweden!
Tried xmonad and xmobar for the first (!) time this morning. Need to work more on this...

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