🕹️ Title: Enigma
🦊️ What's: A libre puzzle inspired by Oxyd, mixing reflexion & dexterity, in which the player moves a marble
🏡️ nongnu.org/enigma
🐣️ github.com/Enigma-Game
🔖 #linux #game #puzzle #libre #deb #rpm #arch

🐧 Update: 1.30
💼️ Major update
📌️ Changes: nongnu.org/enigma/news.html
📖 Our entry: bit.ly/bottinLightOn
🐘 From: social.tchncs.de/@meldrian/106
🎥️🕵️ youtu.be/GnHOSOly4yE
🎥️🕹️ youtu.be/9orxGqCjMek


@Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux I remember this game! It was on the SuSE Linux I tried out once in 2004, I guess.
Glad to see it still being maintained!

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Yes it's a pleasure to see these projects still maintained and especially that the spirit of free software has not died out

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