I will be streaming some of that good UFO game in a few hours. Join me on the stream to discuss the game or free software related topics!


I am going to do a short stream of playing in a few minutes.
I would be glad to answer all your and or other questions and comments during the stream!


I have a lot of things going on right now IRL, it's gonna be nice to finish this week by a short stream of the UFO game...

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I think it's time to finally explain what all the #Linux system directories *really* mean:

/usr = Undeniably Severe Repercussions
/opt = Obviously Perishable Trash
/var = Viscerally Annoying Rambling
/bin = Barely Interesting Notes
/run = Rather Underwhelming Nuggets
/sys = Strange Yet Special
/etc = Exclusively True Ciphers
/dev = Delightfully Excellent Vistas

You are welcome.

After the debacle with the question on opt-in in , I'd like to ask the community, whether there are any real world examples of software telemetry that was useful for the development of the product, and couldn't have done any other way?

My new tutorial is out on how to make walls disappear when you enter a room in a 2D adventure / RPG game using the Godot engine.


The stream will be here, and unless some miracle happens, I'm going to continue my OpenXCom UFO missions:


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What Free Software game should I stream on Sunday?

Today I went to the Techno Mart to look around their notebook selection in my Arch Linux T-Shirt, and despite that, all price quotes I got originally contained the Windows 10 license.

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I've reported 3 bugs in Olive 0.2 yesterday. MattKC has already fixed two of them, and given me instructions on how to test against the 3rd one.

Amazing work!


#OliveVideoEditor #FOSS #VIdeoEditing #Olive

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Strong profanity while joking about the Linux Community 

I have uploaded a new video on my (barely used) second channel on Odysee about Ponzi schemes and crypto investments.
I am always open to discussion on all topics I post, but this is something I'm really waiting for the responses from the audience!


Tantacrul made a random video 2 years ago criticizing the design choices of MuseScore, a free and open source musical notation software.
After the developers addressed almost all the issues in a few months, he joined the team and soon became its leader, and he's now also running Audacity.

@DestinationLinux , it would be an interesting person to interview!


I am going to stream me playing (and most likely losing at) some on-line free software games in 30 minutes.


Many people complain that you can't play enough games on Linux. So, what if each game... was also an OS?


My PR got merged into the main branch of OpenSuspect.
Time to work on some other parts of the game!

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I've just made a PR to OpenSuspect that contains 3 rooms of the map, work of @moxvallix .
Let's see what will the reviewers say!
Check it out at github.com/opensuspect/opensus

Hey, long term users, can anyone tell me what is the exact purpose of "favourite"-ing a post? Does it show up anywhere beside the person getting the star getting a notification, and it appearing in my "Favourites" list?

I just saw you're on Mastodon! I've been watching a lot of videos from you on music production and I really appreciate your efforts on teaching the masses how to do creative work using free, open source software.

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