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alright, imma going to be making a game for Godot Wild Jam 4, a gamejam in which you make a game with godot.
i like this particular jam series because the deadline is 8 days. not too short to be stressful, not too long to cause scope creep! ill write my progress here, so you can see what i do and why.
#godot #gamedev

Stream is starting in a minute! Don't miss it!

livestream in an hour!
Join me for some adventure with human soldiers trying to mind control aliens for fun and profit!

I'm going to have two streams this weekend at least.
Saturday (or Friday night for our American friends and enemies) will be gaming stream with a grind, and Sunday (or Saturday night for Americans) will be coding stream.

Have you ever wanted to draw flowcharts to document how your program works?
You can use , a command line tool to generate a graph, and I've written a script to generate the input for graphviz for games written in gdscript.

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coding stream starts!
In the next few hours I'll be working on the implementation of a social deduction game written in !
Feel free to say hi in the chat!

Happy new year for all my followers!
May 2022 bring great success for all our favorite projects!

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We love free software. With much thanks to the talented @SachaChua for illustrating the reasons.

All right, I guess I've been a bit late finishing this video, but here you are.
episode on how does Windows boot (from the internal drive) does against the Linux boot (on a USB drive).

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My honest gratitude towards the generous 138 people, who make me capable of making videos and livestreams every month, promoting FOSS and Linux for audio production and educating about the software!

Thank you! 💙


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