Lately my machines have been running either EndeavourOS or Debian Sid and my servers are Debian Stable as always. Not sure how I fell about the direction Ubuntu is heading in.

Streets of Rage 4 is still great, between it and the DLC I've spent less than $30. Great game and runs perfect on Linux.

Remember: the popcorn bag is a liar. Do not listen to it unless you want your kitchen full of smoke.

Spent many hours playing Streets of Rage 2 as a kid on Sega Genesis. Even after it has been out for quite a while, I still find myself jumping into SoR4 for some quick fun. Runs great through Proton and definitely worth the cost on Steam.

After months of testing, Opensuse Tumbleweed, Debian Sid, Siduction, and EndeavourOS are all running great. maybe rolling release is the way to go. My main machine runs Kubutu LTS but man do I miss having the latest updates.

Street Fighter V works great on Linux with Proton and has become my Thursday night jam.

As a fomer sidux/aptosid user I've been testing Siduction vs. Debian Sid vanillla. So far straight Debian Sid has been the winner. Both are great but I don't need the extra junk included in Siduction. Either way the Sid repo is awesome and I want more Sid based distros.

Bought a Macbook years ago and tried OSX for awhile. Decided I hated it and has been running Linux like a champ for years now.

I suppose I should probably kick off the discussion with a question. What do you think is the most privacy respecting web browser that still maintains the vales of the FOSS movement?


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