VNC server looped back works though, to get Andrax's gui but I'm still going to try and see if I can have it connect to a diff tty
just ignor what vnc server says the address is, cus the real address is your IP and then the port vnc server says i.e. :1
same passwd as you gave it with vncpasswd.

so, yea.. I can start andrax in another tty but I get xorg errors trying to connect to :0
i'm sure I can figure this out 'cus Andrax has fluxbox and x (startfluxbox, startx). Maybe i can figure this out by days end? ๐Ÿง

lulz, i love it, even the terminal will talk shit if you do something wrong
"Be root motherfucker!" -- Andrax OS

while in andrax
then logging out or exiting to the actual dir on the host machine /opt/ANDRAX and listing it's own os root dir.
I just think it's pretty neat, no need to use any third party virtual software or what have you. Now if I can connect one of my tty's to my xorg-xserver on a diff port, then I'de get 2 os's with gui on the same host, on real hardware. siiiiiick

so the Andrax PC installer works, Now i technicaly have two OS's running at the same time since andrax gets mounted to /opt/ANDRAX/(full chroot dir structure) it's 2 OS's, sharing the host. lol, Now I got Debian and Arch on the same beast without conflicting on each other. ๐Ÿ˜
left: terminal launched andrax with command ``andrax`` from /
right: my terminal in /
pretty cool

Ever wanted a cheat-sheet that had an intelligent shell? Like a shell that can almost code for you? Check this sh*t out. And tell me, that this isn't cool af. ;)

I'm not a Hacker, I'm a security professional.

Just checked my github repo's and You know the feeling of excitement when someone thinks whatever you made is pretty neat and forks or clones it. ๐Ÿ˜ yup, it's a good feeling.

My Garuda BlackArch install ๐Ÿ˜
only marked sensitive cus some people don't care for my choices of wallpapers, so if some art bothers you, please do not click, i don't want any problems.

Well, My arco install... is no more, It's been a while since i've F**ked up. Moved to Garuda BlackArch eddition. and Loving it. Tho i'm no kde fan. I've been mixing up things from my fav de xfce and cool stuff from kde (widgets n whatnot) and Latte Dock. I had no idea latte had a gnome-like full app menu. woooo, I love it.

Do you like short stories, news articles, and source code? Do you enjoy reading, or having a screen reader, read to you while you work? Yeah, I thought you might. I made a tarball of 820 pdf's all about hacking, exploits, and a few do's and don'ts. Hope some of you find as much value in this as I have. Tarball size: 1.7Gb, Contents: multiple PDF files. :rms1:

And now it's time i learn the downside of servers, I accidentally shut it down right b4 an update was finished
Starting over. with staged planed backups. You know that feeling you get when your not mad at someone, just... disappointed. Yeah, I have that for myself right now. smh, lol

It took me all night. But I went from naked domain. To website.
domain = done
server = done
email = done
dns = done
apache2 = done
mysqldb = done
wordpress = done
so far... Feels good. ๐Ÿ˜

and since i'm a cheapskate i think i'll use Daniel's free hosting service via Tor. Speaking of Tor, ever want to browse the DarkNet in your terminal, now you can. Step 1 start tor from a terminal, not Tor Browser. Step 2 use DarkDump. EXAMPLE:
``darkdump -q chan -p 3``
tool query something from page 3 of results

if not, no worries, i usually will just end up feeling my way to a finished product. I <3 cheat sheets and man pages. Always there to help when nothing makes sense. Or i'm being lazy and don't want to finish a tutorial.

can anyone recommend a tutorial to build a simple server using Apache with ssl. I'm clueless. I'm thinking using docker for the server. then later start the process of building my first website. domain has already been purchased. I thought this would be interesting to do since i'm a pen tester hobbyist. Ty for your suggestions in advanced. I honestly do appreciate it.

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