I don’t even know why I bother with trying to setup Qtile. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get it configured exactly how I want, Qtile completely breaks upon restart and I can’t even make it past the login screen because it completely freezes and won’t open anything, forcing a restart to get back to SDDM and login to Plasma.

@mathstew92 I haven't tried qtile, but I have used on and off for quite a while and like it.

Have you used any other tiling window managers besides qtile?

@retroedgetech I finally got it working again. It was compiling with no errors but was internally throwing errors. A deep dive into the log file fixed the issues. No, this is my first tiling window manager. I chose Qtile because it’s written and configured in Python, which is the language I do all my personal and professional work in. Hopefully this fix is permanent.

@mathstew92 Good work fixing it.

It's cool to be able to use the same language in so many places. I have a similar goal, but with C and (I am not a professional programmer, though).

Do share your experience with , as tiling window managers are definitely a topic of interest around here.

@10leej lol. I finally got it. Qtile has this funny thing where it won’t give you any compile errors or other config warnings, but then when you reboot or lazy restart it, it won’t do anything and you have to look through the log files and try to cryptically guess where the issue is. I fixed it though. After I invented a few new swear words.

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