I installed the Mycroft open source digital assistant using PiCroft on my RPi 4 this afternoon. It works remarkably well.

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I usually burned many ISO images to a USB stick to install an OS and/or to perform any other task(s). Now when I discovered ventoy.net some months ago, I realized that I no longer need to do so anymore. No more Etcher or any other USB Stick Burner. I just placed the amount of ISOs I need based on the USB depending on it's storage capacity, boot into my preferred choice and I'm good to go. Ventoy makes it so easy. Support the project folks.

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@dudebsd These days, more often than not, it's themselves.

@dudebsd John Calvin said "the human heart is a perpetual idol factory". Everyone worships, but many worship a god of their own making.

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@retroedgetech My wife's mom; same thing. Whenever her machine gets old I just get her a refurb and migrate her /home folder ;-). She doesn't know it, but she's using Arch ;-)

@tech Calibre, GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice, Joplin, Qutebrowser, PCloud, Bitwarden, Discord, SMPlayer, RClone

@hastur It's not a yes/no question. It depends on the motivation and context.

@david I'm curious. What is your use-case/reason for using these tools. I'm not familiar with them.

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@typomustakes That's bordering on criminal depending on what happens when it comes back positive.

@izder456 I think a lot of people are tempted to think that. When I have that I remind myself that "pride goes before a fall". ;-)

@izder456 @rootbsd Tell him to see his doctor immediately. Your ubuntu is not something to take chances with. ;-)

5 Logical Fallacies Everyone Falls For is a video from an atheist YouTube channel. This is for those who wish to look at logical fallacies. If you think that you might be offended, please don't click. ✌ 

@retroedgetech If you mean alternatives to the ntp software, then there's chrony.

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