Now that Google Play Music is gone where do I purchase music that I can actually download as DRM-free files?

Bandcamp, I think, but comparing with Play Music the choices are rather limited.

@VikingKong Yeah. That's the problem. I want to get the things I'm looking for, not what's available.
Is Apple's music store all DRM?


Frankly, I've never used it, but I suppose yes, it's all DRM-ed.
I myself use Spotify because I don't know better options. There's also Deezer, but it's almost the same thing.

@macxcool Amazon used to "auto rip" MP3 of CDs you bought, when I look in my Amaazon Music account now I can download MP3s of all the old CDs I have purchased. Not sure if that is still the case, though.

@macxcool piratebay and it'll be free, you can give me a donation if it makes you feel better knowing you spent money. 😉

@mrgfy Thanks for the offer 😃 , but, in all seriousness, I'm not willing to act immorally just to get something I want.

@macxcool I'm not sure what you mean. The donation part was the joke. So you must mean torrent files are immoral? I don't understand.

@mrgfy I know the donation part was a joke, that's why I thanked you for the offer ;-) and I don't have a problem with bittorrent as a protocol, in fact I rather like it ;-).
I was referring to acquiring a commercial product without purchasing it.

@macxcool oh, hmmm you could always pay it forward, and anonymously send the record label $$. ehh To each there own. 😁

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