Funny. I've never really cared for watching basketball all that much, but I really used to enjoy watching Michael Jordan play.

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I love how Leonid Vorobyev et al manage to nail so many classic Chicago songs. Awesome!

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I've been running OpenSnitch for the last few days to see if I could live with it. You certainly learn a lot about what connects to the network on your system. It's a lot to deal with, though.

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Package Release: 09/10 calibre 5.27.0 Calibre: an e-book library management application

I'm taking a long Udemy course in PHP. Xampp is a pretty cool thing.

And I'm not sure I want to use software coded by trolls ;-)

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Tenacity-git doesn't compile or run, Sneedacity does.

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Now Tenacity isn't running or building on my system. That sucks.

I've heard that straw men are remarkably easy to knock over. ;-)

For anyone confused by this, I meant to reply to @syscrash 's cross post ;-)

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I agree with you that it seems like a waste of resources.

I just realized that Haiku takes snapshots (filesystem level?) at each boot and allows you to roll back to a previous state at boot time. That's pretty cool.

Looks like Parler is back in business. Cool.

Also, what's with these "followbot's"? Should I be concerned?

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pam-duress: A Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) which allows the establishment of alternate passwords that can be used to perform actions to clear sensitive data, notify IT/Security staff, close off sensitive network connections, etc if a user is coerced into giving a threat actor a password.

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