So, someone is getting the audios from Clubhouse.
You can get the audios here:

Hey guys, I'm not into finance and stocks, but man... What a time to be alive...

Just saw this on r/unixporn. I guess this is the ultimate ricing haha

Some details as originally posted by the author:


WM: SimpleWM - Simple Stacking WM I made from ground up, using C++, mostly for educational purposes. I was unhappy with other existing stacking WM so I'm now using my own.

Bar: Polybar

Browser: Firefox + Vim Vixen

What's up guys. It's never too late for a good coffee.

So, coming from a corporate job, I normally use pCloud/GDrive as my sync/backup tools. But I would like to use my own solution with my own server/hardware. What do you recommend in order to achieve this?

I was thinking of using rsync, but I haven't figured out yet entirely how to setup this.

My main goals are:
-Sync at least two boxes or 1 computer and 1 android phone (online)
-Backup certain files regularly (offline)

Am I taking the right path?
Any thoughts? 🤔

So, what laptop brand/model do you consider offer the best value under $600?

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In DT's latest video about LibreWolf he showed his web browser start page, this inspired me to create my own web browser start page. Here is what I have so far!

I have some websites at the top, I have the time and date below that, and there is a water animation GIF on the bottom.

So, what are you doing?

Here, just flashing a new keymap for my custom mechanical keyboard...

Which Mastodon client for Android do you prefer?


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