1 week until Bethesda releases the survival mode for Skyrim for free. I can't wait to play it, bought Kenshi thinking I'd get a Isekai-like exp, but was utterly disappointed. Skyrim may do it for me though.

I used to track my grades on spreadsheets. 1st and 2nd years were tracked on half-baked looking sheets. For the 3rd year I built a Harry Potter themed spreadsheet, but I never got to use it --- I feel disappointed in myself.

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Also found some documentation to the shit-ass system I built in PHP as the final paper for my vocational school (which is part of HS in my country).

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God save the Cloud!

I just found the script for a High School play I acted in. I may give it a read on the weekend, but who knows.

The word "illuminated" means the same thing even if you only use every third
-jacoblance, Feb 2015
Every survey is skewed towards people willing to participate in surveys.
-CapitalistMarxist, Jun 2015

"NGL this is probably the best way to teach the difference"

submitted by QueenVengeance

R/Creepy should continue to show up on your front page even after you
-littlemissstick, Apr 2015
Medusa is the only female that can turn a guy off and get him rock hard at the
same time.
-Real_Justin, Jun 2015

"Clearly Vim is better, now with power of LEMONS."

submitted by PranshuKhandal

'Coffee flavored water' doesn't sound good but that's what coffee is.
-orangeslash, Jul 2016
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