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Did anyone try Peux OS yet? I would like to know about your experiences.

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Today I put all work aside and spent the day with these three things. I enjoyed the experience.

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Now is a package manager which I can install over my distro or is it a full distro? Does anyone have experience with ?

I just completed a 7 mi run on the treadmill. While I feel fine now, tomorrow morning, my wife most likely has to scrape me out of bed. 😜

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A Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy.


"I can't sell you that"


"There you go".

Can anyone recommend a decent Git hosting service other than GitHub & GitLab where hosting commercial repos is allowed?

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So much tech stuff, so little time!

* A friend loaned me their to experiment on and set up for them

* I bought a Pixel phone on @thegeekfather's recommendation (haven't opened it yet)

* I have a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L, the only desktop motherboard on the compatibility list

* Have a Dell Optiplex 7010, which likely will work with

* Got the Nim In Action book on the Nim language

* Got the Common Lisp book recommended by @louis

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How it started... How it's going. #DeleteFacebook

Facebook & Google’s conception of privacy is really security, which are not the same. It’s "we’ll try to make sure hackers can’t get the data on our servers, but we’ll continually mine it for profit ourselves." 🙄

Original tweet :

@codeberg Is it allowed to host my companies private git repos on Codeberg? Or do all repos must have a FOSS license?

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A small #Lagrange 1.1 patch today:

Bug fixes:
- problems with feed entry highlight/unread status
- Gopher links that contain spaces
- vertical alignment of short pages was too far down


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Wrote an #article about #gemini. Tried to keep it as #beginner friendly as possible.

What's All The Hype About Gemini And How To Get On Board

Also has a look into the #Lagrange #browser.

#basics #foss #protocol

To summarize this poll:

1. 74% of you don't use their local ISPs DNS servers (good, don't let them watch and track you)
2. 26% use the evil corporate public DNS servers. Consider switching to something non-Google/non-Cloudflare (they have an agenda! Use one of those mentioned in this thread)
3. A lot of you already use Pi hole (which I found out about in this poll, thanks!)

Thank you all! That was an interesting poll.

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Funny story. Many years ago one of my first assignments as a trainee was to update a very old file server. The uptime was 7 (!) years. Me: "Ok, let's turn that thing off first and get rid of all the dust."

Well, this machine never turned back on. And so I learned what "Never touch a running system" meant the hard way 💣

26 years ago... I was probably one of the youngest Novell CNEs at the time 😜

Just discovered how easy and consistent hg (mercurial) is compared to git. Anyone of you using it for version control? :git:

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