@luke The stream is gone. Can you make available a recording?

@ChrisWere you should notify @derek then that your on gemini://distro.tube is wrong

@derek You are such a big fan of Gemini. Would be really great if this instance could get upgraded so we have nicely rendered gemini:// urls.

@ChrisWere Is you gemini site down? gemini://chriswere.uk/

@retroedgetech I played a little with Racket and web dev and liked it. Racket is the most general purpose Lisp/Scheme I think.

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The *real* reason the U.S. is going after LBRY is because an actually working decentralized video platform to rival YouTube is too much of a threat to their control of populations.

Unfortunate for them, LBRY is a decentralized protocol, and it is, perhaps, too late.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/crypt0snews/status

@retroedgetech Thank you for your video about Chicken Scheme. I definitely have to check that out. 🚀

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Please consider signing the open letter in support of Richard M. Stallman: rms-support-letter.github.io/ @derek

@retroedgetech Really liked it. While I could never get warm with tiling window managers, StumpWM for me is different. Maybe because it's manual, maybe because it's Lisp? Who know 😜

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@retroedgetech I also started with Doom and Spacemacs but both are huge frameworks which require a big amount of Emacs _and_ Vim Know-How. You won't be able to really learn Emacs with these.

When I finally dumped those and started out with Vanilla Emacs, that was when it really kicked in and I began to understand how Emacs works. After this point, there is really no need to use Doom or Spacemacs anymore.

Listen to this episode:
He explains it very well.

@retroedgetech So much fun! 🚀 Great to see your journey into Lisp continues. I've started to develop a simple Emacs package, it's a great interactive dev experience. You code, evaluate, try, fix, evaluate. Without reloading and recompiling all the time!

@dammn recover first, then go running. If you start too early, it'll bite you.

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