Today I put all work aside and spent the day with these three things. I enjoyed the experience.

26 years ago... I was probably one of the youngest Novell CNEs at the time 😜

Sneaking into my wife's virtual fitness class she's giving on Zoom twice a week. She's such a Strong woman!

My neighbour is selling this beauty for a hundred bucks. Reminds me of my youth, had exactly the same config.

Should I put my finger at the trigger? :crt_w_green_lines:

Our newest addition to : Paste it to Gemini.

Who says is too static? Pin your favourite radio station to the home page and leave a nice comment ❀️


That book was written 40 years ago and it is still the best introduction to programming and :lisp: ... I use that to teach my 7 year old the first steps in programming. πŸ“š

Just received the via postal mail. In times of the pandemic it is nice to receive actual letters from the good guys @fsf

Louis :lisp: :emacs:'s choices:


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