This is probably going to be a dark day for . Today's vote for a veil ban, which targets a very small minority of Muslims, is about to be successful.

@louis Is this just for identification or in public? In America you're shamed for not covering your face right now, oh the irony.

@rootbsd Well, it is a ban for public. It is called the "Burqa ban". In 20 years living in Switzerland, I've seen perhaps 2-3 women wearing a Burqa, and that was on the airport 🙂

@rootbsd The new law forbids covering the face (which we all do now - however).

@rootbsd We'll see how the vote will turn out today. The law says "Nobody may cover his/her face on public places or places where services are offered to the public.

@rootbsd To the judges will have to decide what "face" means.

@louis So no more masks? Did Switzerland do the immune system trusting (herd immunity), classical quarantine the sick only, like Sweden approach?

@rootbsd No, "real" Swiss people just don't leave the house anymore.

@louis I'd love to work from home, but if I don't leave my house I starve and may be forced to sleep in my car 😅

@rootbsd This ban has a high approval rate in all parties because they want to "protect" Muslim women. In fact, it's a right-wing initiative to bully the Muslim population.

@louis why’s this ban such a bad thing? For the record I myself am from a Muslim country. And personally I don’t see the issue in banning this. Also the thing they’re banning is a “Naqqab” not the “Burqa”. A lot of people from the west mix the two up.

Sorry for my anti-multiculturalism, but it's better to ban burqas today than to wait for tomorrow when there would be a lot more strict ban for European women not willing to cover their faces.
Just common sense.




@louis What is your opinion on the previous minaret ban by the swiss voters?

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