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A minimal Gemini server written in Go. Launch your Gemini capsule atop a Titan II rocket.

... and just to demonstrate that the server works (for some definition of works), Titan II successfully launched its first payload into Geminispace on 2021-02-04 at roughly 23:42 GMT: gemini://

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I just had my first open source contribution (to a project that is not one of my own) accepted and merged into master - and it was for the mighty Amfora!

@makeworld thanks for being a patient and courteous guide.

Anyone know if "TrendyTalk" is the "official" podacst of gemini yet? seems like i should have gotten a plaque or something by now!

Professionally developed informational websites should load without JavaScript.

Practical Common Lisp might be the best programming book I have read.

@HexDSL Just listening to the latest TrendyTalk and when Chris started talking about running a website for a local group but he didn't want to get too much into the details, and you said, "Swingers" ...and Chris either missed it or ignored it 😂

Free and Open Source is Not Enough


In most of the tutorials I watch, the host recommends using 'Super' as the mod key. Am I the only person who prefers using 'Alt' as the mod key for a window manager? I can hold down 'Alt' with my thumb without moving my hand.

This looks interesting.

"unhosted web apps do not send your user data to their server. Either you connect your own server at runtime, or your data stays within the browser."

Cool to see that Gemini uses an issue tracker now. Hopefully that will make discussions more productive and quiet down the mailing list.

Who says is too static? Pin your favourite radio station to the home page and leave a nice comment ❤️


You can't hotswap a monitor on Arch if you're using the nvidia driver but you can if you're using the nouveau driver... unless I was doing something wrong. Odd.

I just started a gemlog (blog on gemini) about and strange technologies in general in my capsule.
Give it a look, if you want.

Here's the link:

If you still can't reach the small internet, here's the web proxy:

The first article is about the Canon Cat. Does anybody remember it?

*on it... in it, on it...? I guess you put things on a site, but in a capsule... I'll have to get used to that.

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Now that I've got that Gemini capsule, I figure I better start putting some things on it. Seems like a good spot for this kind of thing.


It's difficult to figure out how to learn more about Linux once you know the basics. Rewriting various Linux commands and functionality to learn more about how the system works is a really interesting idea, and is one that Carl Riis took. You can read about his ten miniprojects at his blog here:

There are some great references in his post as well, like to this paper on the Unix time-sharing system by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson:

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