Preparing my Top Linux Apps going into 2022 video! I have a few thus far. What are your favorite/must have Linux applications?

Which of the two do you prefer using?

Happy New Year 🎉! This week in KDE: Dolphin gets root operations, Konsole lets select applications, and KWin nets > 8-bit colorizations... (in Wayland).

The difference between a closed, algorithmically-curated silo like Twitter and the fediverse.

Same post.

Twitter: ~43K “followers”, 8 boosts, 58 likes
Fediverse: ~8.43K followers, 57 boosts, 106 likes

Your thousands of “followers” on Twitter mean nothing because the algorithm (i.e., Twitter, Inc.) decides who gets to hear you.


I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

Privacy isn’t:

- A premium feature
- A setting you must configure
- About having something to hide

Privacy is:

- A basic human right.

Looking for an Android developer to work together with our UX designers on Mastodon's official Android app. Contract work, only remote. E-mail

Otestoval jsem 3.0 a Cycles renderuje 3x rychleji.
I've tested new 3.0 and Cycles renders 3 times faster.

Congratulations to #Blender on their 3.0 release! Blender is a venerable 2D/3D graphics creation suite, and a staple of the free software community.

Marcus Mengs posted HTTP dumps from #Instagram mobile app that collects and sends to Meta the following details:

SSID and BSSID of all local WiFi networks, including yours
BLE beacons
Detailed GPS (!) location

Kde je hranice mezi starostlivostí a šmírováním vlastních dětí? Monitorovací appka v telefonu je zcela jistě za hranou - od Googlu i od maminky. #soukromí #ihned

This German State Plans to Switch 25,000 Windows PCs to Linux and LibreOffice:

#Linux #FOSS

Schools should stop using proprietary software, no matter what.

Why 2FA is so critically important. Posted originally at r/Bitwarden, this is a screenshot of several unsuccessful attempts at logging into a Microsoft account, when the attempt was made, and it's location.

Even if the miscreant had the correct credentials, 2FA prevents login.

To už začíná být taková klasika, jak se člověk přepne do #Win 🤦🏻‍♂️

We’re excited to announce App Tracking Protection for Android is now in beta, a new feature in our app that blocks third-party trackers like Google and Facebook lurking in other apps.

Join the waitlist today!

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