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When did "DIY" become a filler for puzzling together a factory made product? I want to try making a actual DIY keyboard with just a logicboard but when i google "DIY keyboard" 99% is just soldering factorymade keys to factorymade boards and slapping keycaps that are standartised.

I have 4 followers and only 2 have anime pfp. I might as well get employed and have social life now.

I saw this img today and realised how fucking stupid staggering is in our keyboards. I feel like i am writing on a objectively worse layout and it is probably true. Numpad is the only right part about my keyboard and there are no low end company that makes them correctly soo it will stay that way for a long amount of time.

Anime is the lube that helps slip the dildo of dysfunction into the ass of society.


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