@la_ninpre @neauoire :O :O :O :O :O! Daaaang, makes the art look better somehow XD

@la_ninpre @neauoire Amazing that you did this btw :). We've been talking about making a physical deck for ages, but never got around to it.

@rek @neauoire glad you liked it!

i wanted also to send a pdf here, so anybody could print them :)

@la_ninpre @rek go for it, are you going to put them up on your website?

@neauoire @rek hmm, i can, that would make sense. although, i wanted to rebuild my website from the ground up, but until then, i guess i'll upload it there still

@wstnly no, because original work is licenced under creative commons non-commercial attribution share-alike licence (see creativecommons.org/licenses/b ), and so does the derived work

@neauoire am i right?

@la_ninpre @wstnly Yep, thx for respecting the license :>.

Although, I too would like it to be a thing that can be purchased :>! We could collaborate to make it happen (if you're open to the idea of producing more decks that is :P).

@rek @wstnly this is a nice idea! but then i would need to find more effective way to produce them, because what i did took almost whole day x)

@la_ninpre @rek ouch - Yeap, that’s a lot of work. Commercial Card printers will do short run / small batch best I can ddg, sorry, not much help.

It is very cool though!

@la_ninpre @neauoire We only ever make short runs of projects like that, but yea, a card printer might be a better, less labour-intensive route :>.

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