decided to walk through a list of all packages installed on my system to clean up those which i don't use anymore. damn, it's so exhausting, my system is veery bloated.

walked through only 10% of the list and i want to take a break.

i was thinking about reinstall, but i don't know if it's better. and i kinda want to learn to clean up my mess without reinstall.

do not support the practices of Spotify

support artists properly by buying their music & merchandise from their website, bandcamp or wherever they can be supported properly

artists makes hardly anything from Spotify. with about 15,000 plays, an artist will make about $10 from that. thats appalling & should not be happening


@rootbsd remember sonic robo blast 2 thing?
now guy from discord have tried it on their old laptop with i386 cpu and it worked!

well, that's really weird. i wanted to try plan9 a bit. never had any experience with it, watched some videos about it, kinda got interested. so i spun up a vm, installed it, booted into. read a bunch of fqa's.

it is really very different than what i'm used to. and tbh also not very comfortable. feels like some obscure cult thing, haha.

but weirdly enough it's stuck to me. i halted the vm after about an hour of testing, but i'm still thinking about it. i'll definitely dig deeper later.

@neauoire and if i understand it right, the only thing to add is this line after line 535:
`devctrl->dat[4] = event.text.text[1];`
and this line after line 540:
`devctrl->dat[4] = 0;`
in uxnemu.c

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@neauoire i have a proposal for varvara. now .Controller/key is a byte, which restricts available input to ascii only. but what if we expand it to be short? this will allow to use utf-8 characters up to U+07FF, which is a lot. french, hungarian, czech, russian, i guess even arabic input will become possible.
this change should be compatible with existing roms.

@neauoire i have what seems to be odd question, but how do you jump back from a program that was opened in boot.rom without restarting it?

Babycastles Academy: Intro to #Uxn Programming

video recording of our online workshop!
hope you enjoy it as much as we did <3

here are the workshop notes:

@rootbsd update: MUSIC WORKS! i'm so glad i can hear it again! it's really glitchy, but at the same time very nostalgic :)

the problem was that i placed sound data into wrong directory.

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@rootbsd yay!

it built almost fine. sadly, music doesn't work for some reason, but i'm surprized that the game starts and runs fine!

i don't know if i want to do a proper port, though. feel tired

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@rootbsd your scrots of games reminded me of one other great game β€” system shock.

i searched and found that they released it's source code! and somebody already adopted it for linux and mac, so you know what it means, right? 😏

@rootbsd @TooTankhaMooN i guess, both? they are really for superuser, so /usr/sbin.

these things aren't mandatory, but i think it's good to follow conventions and to keep things in place

there's also manpage β€” hier(7) that describes what goes where

@neauoire also i think that it would be cool if boot.rom would respect ;dir/path not only for loading directory, but for representing and loading files too. i tried to make it work, but it seems that i don't understand quite right how it works :c

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@neauoire in boot.rom some values get pushed onto the stack and never popped, on line 115 there is #01 that's not needed and there's no pop after line 129

here's a diff:

I don't WANT to learn how to drive. I WANT to live in a world where I don't need a car to exist.

@rootbsd while i'm waiting for devs to reply, would you like to test my port?

until i'm not sure if these assets can be distributed, i think we can still have some fun :)

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