@rootbsd this needs more testing, but i've managed to succeed in specifying uuid for openbsd partition.

my menuentry looks like this:
menuentry 'OpenBSD' {
search -su --no-floppy *373838EDFE3738l*
chainloader /BOOTX64.EFI

and part in asterisks is actually UUID of openbsd partition, which i retrieved by running `blkid` command on linux. you need UUID part of filesystem with type "ufs".

also i've found that root device could be specified using similar approach, but using labels

@rootbsd hmm, i'm thinking now that grub has one small issue. when you write 'set root="(hd0,msdos2)"' or whatever, it uses relative drive numbers, so if you, for example, change, add or remove some drives, this ordering may change, which would cause boot option to fail.

do you now how to use uuid's in grub config?

How To Run OpenBSD On 10 Year Old Tech

In this episode we talk about running OpenBSD on a top of the line laptop from 2011.


#openbsd #podcast #technology #unix

@rootbsd i just remembered that i have some free space on my ssd on main machine, so i might try installing openbsd on that and dualboot it with my arch πŸ€”

will need to figure out how to make grub and openbsd work together on uefi though

@neauoire oh, btw, is there a way to disable debug mode without restarting uxnemu?

i guess it's time update and to print a brand new poster :)
stay tuned

btw, it's so cute to receive mails from my own openbsd server :3

i know that maybe other systems can do this but it'll never be so warm to me :p

lipu sin pi ilo masoton li lon. ona li toki.social

tenpo ni en tenpo kama la toki pona ale mi li lon lipu ni. nimi mi li @jan_lewa

need money for food and power, pls boost 

absolutely without any purpose: here are qr-codes that are filled to their maximum capacity, in numeric, alphanumeric and binary modes

@neauoire what is uxnasm telling now is percentage of maximum rom size?

rant (continued) 

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